For the location, see Castle Karstaag.

The Castle Karstaag is a quest in the main questline of The Elder Scrolls III: Bloodmoon.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

  • Speak to Korst Wind-Eye
  • Travel west and go through the underwater entrance to Castle Karstaag
  • Speak to Krish the riekling and agree to help him in exchange for access to the castle
  • Kill all the Grahls in the area
  • Escort Krish to the banquet area
  • Continue to the throne room and speak to the riekling named Dulk
  • Speak to Krish
  • Report back to Korst in the village

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

The Bloodmoon Prophecy[edit | edit source]

After completing "The Ristaag," Korst Wind-Eye tells the Nerevarine about "ominous signs", an alarming numbers of dead horkers are being found along the coast, and then talks about the "Bloodmoon prophecy": when a demon god begins their hunt on Solstheim. If questioned further about Castle Karstaag, Wind-Eye will indicate that doors to the castle only open on the command of its owner, Karstaag, but there is a secret entrance, hidden in the water.

Castle Karstaag[edit | edit source]

On the northwest coast of Solstheim, a large castle of ice can be found. Its main entrance is guarded by several Riekling Raiders, and cannot be opened. As indicated by, Wind-Eye an entrance to the Caverns of Karstaag can be found, north of the castle, on the shore, underwater.

Inside a friendly Riekling named Krish is encountered, after questioning him, it appears that he does not know of the dead horkers. Then, he will ask for help, explaining that since the disappearance of their master, Karstaag, him and his band are trying to take control of the castle. Although, he was helped by some Grahls, they turned against him, and now are blocking the entrance to the throne room. Krish explains it is impossible to enter the castle without him, and the Nerevarine must defeat all the Grahls first.

After defeating the Grahls and reaching the entrance to the Throne Room, Kirsh will enable the passage. Which would remain closed without him.

The Throne Room[edit | edit source]

Once inside the Throne Room, The Nerevarine may speak with Dulk, a friendly Riekling. The latter will explain that they know nothing of the dead horkers. The Nerevarine may now report their findings to Wind-Eye.

Back at the village[edit | edit source]

After returning to the Skaal village, and reporting the news to Wind-Eye, the latter says that he is not surprised, and there may be a more dreadful reason behind all these events.

Reward[edit | edit source]

Wind-Eye will then reward the Hero with the Stalhrim Longsword of Flame, explaining that this weapon is going to be very useful for the Nerevarine's future trials.

Journal[edit | edit source]

The Castle Karstaag – BM_FrostGiant1
ID Journal Entry
10 The Ristaag is completed, but Wind-Eye has been getting reports from his sentries of ominous signs. He tells me that the shores are filled with dead horkers, and he knows of no reason why this would happen.
  • Quest accepted
20 Wind-Eye has told me more about the Bloodmoon Prophecy, an ancient Skall [sic] [Do not change this to Skaal. This misspelled word is how it appears in-game.] legend that tells of the signs that appear before a demon god begins to stalk the land. He fears now that these signs have begun to appear, but he would like me to investigate further.
30 At the northwest end of the island stands an enormous castle of ice, home of the frost giant Karstaag. Wind-Eye tells me that he and the Skaal have lived in peace, but that this slaughter of the horkers could be the work of the Rieklings under his control. I should investigate Castle Karstaag and see what I can find out. Though I cannot go in the front door, there is an entrance under the water north of the castle that has recently been discovered.
40 I have entered the Caverns of Karstaag, a network of caves that run below the castle.
50 Inside the caverns I was greeted by a Riekling named Krish. He tells me that he knows nothing of the dead horkers, but he may know how I can find out more information.
60 The master of the castle, Karstaag has been missing for days. While he has been gone, Krish and his band have attempted to wrest control of the castle from Dulk, another Riekling loyal to the giant Karstaag.
70 Krish had entered into a pact with a band of grahl to help him secure the castle. The grahl however, have turned on the Riekling, slaughtered his troops, and now block the entrance to the castle above.
75 The magic surrounding the castle allows none to enter without Karstaag's blessing. Krish will allow me to enter with him, if I am willing to help him fight his way past these trolls. Once inside, I will be able to question Dulk about the dead horkers.
80 The ice-trolls are defeated. I should now be able to enter the castle with Krish.
81 None may enter the castle itself without the giant Karstaag's blessing. However, since I killed the trolls, Krish will accompany me to the door and upstairs. There I can speak with Dulk.
85 Krish has been killed.
  • Quest failed
90 Dulk knows nothing about the dead horkers. He tells me that his master Karstaag disappeared days ago, after werewolves appeared at his door. The rest of the giant's minions have been involved in the rebellion at the castle, and could not have caused the deaths of the horkers. I should report these findings to Wind-Eye.
  • Quest complete
100 I've reported my findings to Wind-Eye, who did not seem surprised that the slaughter wasn't performed by the Rieklings. He fears that there are terrible times ahead for Solstheim, and gave me sword that casts magical fire as a means to protect myself against the coming storm.
  • Quest complete

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The only two friendly Rieklings in Bloodmoon are met during this quest. There is no indication or forewarning that they are friendly and above all essential the main quest.
    • If Krish was to be killed before being spoken to, the quest will fail.
    • If Dulk, is killed before being spoken to, it is impossible to progress further with the main quest.
  • For an easier battle with the Grahls, it is recommended to avoid talking to Kirsh before, and dispatch the Grahls alone. Only then returning to speak to Kirsh.
  • The Grahls are very powerful, however, they are very slow, making them easy pickings for a ranged stealthy opponent.

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