The Champion of Clutter is a miscellaneous quest in The Elder Scrolls III: Tribunal. Detritus Caria asks the Nerevarine to track down some items for his collection.


Detritus is an enthusiastic collector of clutter, as he says himself. He claims to own an almost complete collection of all Morrowind's worthless housewares. But he is still looking for some items to complete his collection. Thus, he sends the Nerevarine to find them for him, promising him a reward—and the title of a "Champion of Clutter."


  • Converse with Detritus Caria.
  • Obtain the first two items:
  • Return to Caria.
  • Obtain the next set of items:
  • Return to Caria.
  • Obtain Caria's final list of Dwemer items:
    • Two Dwemer goblets of different style.
    • A Dwemer pitcher.
    • A Dwemer bowl.
    • A Dwemer tankard (labelled as a mug)
  • Return to Caria.


The Nerevarine's wanders through the Craftsmen's Hall in Mournhold may lead them to a man named Detritus Caria, a Breton Nobleman. Caria's proclaims to be the "King of Clutter," and is eager to add to his collection of random, common, objects, enlisting the Nerevarine to aid him in his quest. His first task for the Nerevarine is to find two extravagantly titled items.

The Rarest of WareEdit

What becomes immediately clear to the Nerevarine is that the "Brushed Silver Pitcher" and "Imperial Rat Hair Fabric" are either incredibly rare, or fictional. However, obtaining the silver pitcher for sale in the Pawnbroker in the Great Bazaar will count as the former item. For the latter, Caria describes the Rat Hair Fabric as "burgundy" with a "diamond pattern," uncannily similar to the ordinary rolls of red fabric frequently seen across Mournhold and Vvardenfell.

Bringing the silver pitcher, and any roll of red fabric will surface, with Caria rewarding the Nerevarine the title of "Champion of Clutter" and a prize of 300 GoldIcon. He also explains his next list of items required for his collection.

Dining DreamsEdit

Caria's second list contains a set of objects commonly found in Mournhold, although it may still take some time to obtain all of them. The first item is a Redware Pot which, along with his request for a Yellow Plate, are easy enough to find in Mournhold's various shops. The rest of the items on his list requires a full set of "Imperial Silverware," more specifically a knife, fork and spoon. Any silverware version of these items will do.

With his list complete, the Nerevarine may return to Caria to earn a 500 GoldIcon reward. However, the Clutter King has one more list of items to obtain before his collection can truly be completed.

Dwemer DebrisEdit

In order to complete his collection, Caria announces that he requires a full set of tableware, fashioned by the long-gone Dwemer. Specifically, Caria requests that the Nerevarine find two goblets (of different styles), a bowl, a pitcher and a tankard. All of these items may be obtained from any Dwemer ruin, although the tankard is identified as a mug by everyone apart from Caria. Once all five items have been gathered, the Nerevarine may return to Caria.

A jubilant Caria will greet the Nerevarine upon their return, rewarding them 2,000 GoldIcon for their efforts, and proclaiming them to be the 'Champion of Clutter' until the end of time.


The Champion of Clutter – MS_ClutterCollector
ID Journal Entry
1I have agreed to help the eccentric Detritus Caria fill out his collection of clutter. He requires two items for now. The first is a bolt of Imperial rat hair fabric, a burgundy fabric with a diamond pattern on its side. The second is a brushed silver pitcher.
  • Quest accepted
10I have retrieved the cloth bolt and silver pitcher for Detritus Caria and have been named the Champion of Clutter.
20Detritus Caria has sent me on another quest, this time for three items. The first is a redware pot, tall with vertical lines going down the side. The second is a full set of Imperial silverware -- knife, fork, and spoon. The third is a yellow metallic plate with a sun in the center.
30I have returned Detritus Caria's second round of requested items to him.
40Detritus Caria has recruited me to find a complete Dwarven tableware set. The complete set includes two goblets -- one slightly larger than the other -- a pitcher, a tankard, and a large bowl.
50I have delivered the Dwemer tableware to Detritus Caria, and secured my position as the Champion of Clutter for all time.
  • Quest complete
80Detritus Caria tried to get me to go on another clutter hunt, but I refused. Twice was more than enough. Detritus was saddened by my refusal, and he abolished my title of the Champion of Clutter.
  • Quest complete
90Detritus Caria tried to get me to go on another clutter hunt, but I refused. Once was more than enough. Detritus was saddened by my refusal, and he abolished my title of the Champion of Clutter.
  • Quest complete
100The eccentric Detritus Caria tried to recruit me to help him fill out his clutter collections, but I refused. I've got better things to do than chase down plates and pillows.
  • Quest complete


  • Items that Caria gives unusual names to will be renamed from their standard name when given to him.
  • Refusal to aid Caria at different points in the quest will cause different things to happen:
    • Refusing the first part causes his disposition to drop by 10.
    • Refusing to complete the second part causes him to revoke the 'Champion of Clutter' title, and his disposition will drop by 20.
    • Refusal of the final part of the quest simply sees the Nerevarine lose their title.
  • The Nerevarine may also lie that they have the items Caria asks for, although the Breton will immediately see that they have not.

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