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Not to be confused with Chim-El Adabal: A Ballad.

The Chim-el Adabal is a book in The Elder Scrolls Online.




The Amulet of the Kings of Glory, pendant of the red diamond Chim-el Adabal, Ayleid relic of Divine investiture. Whatever myths exist concerning its creation, this much is fact: as a vessel of Akatosh's will, it is tied to him in a very real way.

The corruption of the Dragonfire ritual was a taxing endeavor. I spent weeks inscribing the glyphs and preparing the incantations that Aquilarios foolishly believed would change his ancestry and birthright. Trusting simpleton. Nirn now lies adrift in the Mundus, vulnerable to the parasitic Daedra that feast upon the souls of its people.

Tharn once asked me, outright, if the Amulet could be used to repair the damage wrought by the Soulburst. Subtlety was never part of Abnur's repertoire. I could see the scheming machinations behind his eyes even as he pledged his loyalty to me. I think he knew, even then, that he was disposable. Who needs a scheming politician when one aspires to be a god?

The answer to his question is, of course, yes. This is why I must seize the amulet and protect it. It is the vessel through which I will supplant my would-be master and assume dominion over two worlds. Why would a god settle for just one?


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