The Citadel Must Fall is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online.



  1. Collect Fighters Guild Ward Key
    1. Hints:
      1. Find a way into the citadel
      2. Talk to Lyranth
  2. Deactivate the guild hall wards
  3. Talk to King Laloriaran Dynar in the Fighters Guild Hall
  4. Go to the upper city
  5. Collect portal stones: 0/4
  6. Restore the portal stones: 0/4
    1. Hints: Enter the Mages Guild Hall
  7. Talk to Vanus Galerion
  8. Find the Pyramid entrance
  9. Talk to Lyranth
  10. Enter the Pyramid
  11. Defeat enemies in the stronghold
  12. Find the Labyrinth key
    1. Hints: talk to Lyranth
  13. Find Vanus Galerion
  14. Talk to Vanus Galerion



  • Bulwark of the Citadel
  • 146–604 GoldIcon


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