The Client List is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.


  • Talk to Bolrin about Further Assistance and Information gathering.
  • Get the list from Audenian Valius, beware of the summoned Hunger.



To get this quest you must have previously completed the note delivery for Llaalam Dredil in Castle Ebonheart, as well as "The Enchanter's Rats" quest for Audenian Valius in the Telvanni Canton in Vivec City.

Further AssistanceEdit

Once these two are done, talk to Bolrin in the East Empire Company Hall mentioning further assistance and Information gathering. Bolrin will ask you to retrieve a list from Valius in order to learn exactly what he has been selling and to whom.

Getting the ListEdit

The list is in Valius' back room on a shelf in plain sight. The catch is that the clever Valius has enchanted the note to summon a Hunger if anyone but himself picks up the note. Obtain the list by any means necessary and return it to Bolrin for a 700 GoldIcon reward.


The Client List - EB_Clients
ID Journal Entry
10 I've spoken with Bolrin, one of the managers at the East Empire Company. He has offered a job to me, although he says that it may be dangerous.
20 Bolrin would like me to enter the quarters of Aundenian Valius, a Telvanni Enchanter in Vivec. Valius sells to an exclusive clientele, and Bolrin would like to know who that clientele is. He says he will reward me if I can return to him with a list of Valius' customers and the items that they have ordered.
30I have agreed to act as a spy for the East Empire Company. Bolrin tells me that the list is likely locked in Valius' private quarters, and that it may be well guarded.
  • Quest accepted
40I have decided not to act as a spy for the East Empire Company.
  • Quest failed
50I have been able to retrieve the customer list for Bolrin and return it to him. In return, he has given me 700 drakes.
  • Quest complete
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