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Elder Scrolls

The Colovian Occupation is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online. The Vestige must help the Khajiit retake Arenthia from the Colovians.


The town of Arenthia has been occupied by a Colovian force. I've been tapped to help retake the city alongside a Khajiiti resistance force.

Quick walkthrough[]

  1. Listen to magical projection (Optional: Obtain a uniform)
  2. Talk to Kazirra
  3. Search the tower district (4)
  4. Meet Cariel behind the tower
  5. Enter the tower
  6. Wait for Centurion Gavo
  7. Talk to Gavo
  8. Talk to Cariel
  9. Wait for Cariel to prepare Gavo
  10. Wear the earring (in quest items)
  11. Return to Kazirra with Gavo
  12. Talk to Kazirra
  13. Use crystal on Gavo
  14. Witness the confession
  15. Talk to Kazirra
  16. Imprint projections
  17. Kill Lavinia
  18. Return to the town center (Optional: Talk to captured Colovian soldier)
  19. Talk to Cariel



  • Leathers of the Emancipator
  • 146–604 Gold