For the guild that appears in Skyrim, see The Companions.

The Companions are a faction that appears in The Elder Scrolls Online. This faction is known to appear in The Rift, in Fallowstone Hall.[1]

Aronel's Journal also mentions a "Companions" spirit that is entombed within a cavern.[2]

History[edit | edit source]

Shortly after the Great Moot met at Skuldafn during the Three Banners War, Reachmen attacked Shor's Stone in the Rift. The Companions joined the Pact military in defending the town, however the attack was a feint: the Reachmen used the diversion to assault Fallowstone Hall. Only a few junior Companions were left there, and the Hall fell swiftly. Vigrod Wraithbane, the Vestige, and the remaining Companions attacked the Hall and drove off the invaders, but not before they stole the axe Wuuthrad.

Afterwards the Companions joined Pact forces as they pursued the Reachmen throughout the Rift. They were eventually cornered at Vernim Wood, but it was discovered that the Reachmen were being controlled by the Worm Cult. The Vestige was able to slay the remaining Reachmen and their leader Stral Blackthroat, but not before the Worm Cult obtained Wuuthrad from their Reachmen servants. The Worm Cult shattered Wuuthrad and used it to revive Sinmur, an ancient giant slain by Ysgramor. Once revived, the undead giant fused with Thallik Wormfather, a Breton leading the Rift Worm Cultist forces. The giant then assaulted Riften, leaving many dead and the city's northern district in ruins.

The shards of Wuuthrad were scattered all over the Rift. Though the Worm Cult tried to retrieve them to increase Sinmur's power, the Vestige was guided by spirits of the Five Hundred Companions and obtained them first.

Jorunn the Skald-King led Pact and Companion forces to the Daedric ruins of Trolhetta in the mountains near Riften, where Sinmur and the remaining Worm Cultists had gathered for a last stand. The Vestige spearheaded the assault on the ruins, and finally fought Sinmur with the help of King Jorunn and Vigrod Wraithbane. Using the shards of Wuuthrad, they were able to separate the spirits of Sinmur and Thallik, who were then slain.

Vigrod Wraithbane was also present at the meeting at Stirk, serving as an advisor and guard to King Jorunn during the negotiations with Queen Ayrenn and High King Emeric.

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