The Count's Arms is the tavern in Anvil run by Wilbur. Located between Quill Weave's House and Arvena Thelas' House, it is in view when entering from the Anvil Dock Gate. One can enter the inn from the front or a back door near the city wall.

The ground floor is dominated by a spacious taproom and The Count's Arms Private Rooms, upstairs, has five bedrooms.

Regular customers include: Quill-Weave, Jesan Sextius, Mandil, Didier Aumilie, and Velwyn Benirus.

Wilbur sells only foodstuffs and it costs 25 GoldIcon to stay one night.


Where Spirits Have LeaseEdit

Rumor around in Anvil has it that Velwyn Benirus is selling Benirus Manor for 5,000 GoldIcon.



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