The Cult of Lord Irarak is a Clan Quarra quest in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind available exclusively to a vampire Nerevarine.

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Journal[edit | edit source]

The Cult of Lord Irarak
I have spoken with Volrina Quarra, ruler of the Quarra clan in Morrowind. Although she considers me an abomination, she has offered to allow me to serve her clan by killing a rogue vampire. If I can do so, she will allow me use of the clan services.
  • Quest accepted
I have agreed to try and kill Irarak, rogue vampire and leader of his "dark cult." Volrina Quarra has told me I am likely to find him near Gnisis. I have decided not to try and kill Irarak.
There are rumors in Gnisis about the vampire "Lord Irarak." They say that he and his "followers" are often found loitering in local ancestral burial tombs "practicing their dark arts."
Apparently, there are a few burial tombs nearby. They are Ginith to the northwest of town, and Rethandus to the northeast.
It seems Lord Irarak was once a dark elf named Gulmon Droth. He has recently gained a number of followers among the younger residents of Gnisis.
I have found this "Lord Irarak" in the Ginith Ancestral Tomb near Gnisis.
Irarak has offered to allow me to rule with him over his cult of mislead followers, from afar, of course. He claims that these people provide him with food, shelter, and a great deal of money, due simply to their fascination with the undead.
I have agreed to let Irarak live here in peace with his followers. While these fools may be misled, they seem harmless enough. Plus, he paid me well for my mercy.
I have decided not to allow this fool to continue with his ridiculous cult.
Irarak is dead. His cult will have to find a new way to spend their time and gold.
I have returned to Druscashti and told Volrina Quarra of the death of "Lord Irarak." She was pleased, and will allow me to use clan services.
  • Quest completed
I have returned to Druscashti and told Volrina Quarra of my decision to let "Lord Irarak" live. She was not pleased by my decision, and I have been told not to return to the Quarra lair.
  • Quest completed

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