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The Daggers are a small group of mercenaries formed in the city of Daggerfall. It was founded and lead by Gelvin Feldrin. Unlike many other bands of mercenaries, the Daggers kept themselves on the right side of the law at all times.

Although at a later date the group stopped using the name for themselves as they received strange messages and threats by somebody else who had suppository used the name for themselves before the mercenaries even united.


The Daggers were formed from peddlers and drunkards of Daggerfall during the Three Banners War. Those who were not accepted by the Fighters Guild or the City Guard, decided to join their forces and prove themselves to be worth something. They were united by a Breton by the name of Galvin Feldrin.

Shortly after the formation of the band, the mercenaries were celebrating in The Rosy Lion. People from the House Diel approached them to offer them their first contract. The Daggers were tasked to help Lord Alain Diel with an investigation into harpies infesting the Shrieking Scar, who had become more aggressive than usual.

The first job didn't go as smoothly as expected as the members of the group were not experienced. Lord Diel became impatient and hired Vestige. Some members of the Daggers began to doubt Lord Diel's motives and eventually uncovered that the House Diel had caused the chaos themselves for personal profit. Lord Diel threatened the mercenaries, but could not overpower them.

The Daggers exposed Diel plan to the city of Daggerfall gaining some renown in the city and becoming known as experts on harpies. The Daggers later traveled in search of employment and found that the Fighters Guild had stopped doing minor jobs and started to focus on the Daedra infestations. This allowed the Daggers to find some jobs here and there gaining more and more renown.

Eventually the Daggers found themselves in the Rivenspire, Gelvin and Granette went to Shornhelm in search of more jobs, while Bumnog and the Remly brothers were hired by the Horsemen to help with their own harpy infestation.

An invention of the Remly brothers - a scent that lured the harpies into traps accidentally caused a harpy invasion of the Horsemen village. The attack was, however, dealt with by the Vestige.


The Dagger's EdgeEdit

Lord Diel of Daggerfall and his sons are investigating the recent harpy attacks along the coast. They hired a group of mercenaries called the Daggers to help them with their research, but the Daggers never returned from the Shrieking Scar.

Rusty DaggersEdit

A crew I once helped in Glenumbra was hired to hunt harpies in Silverhoof Vale. They may need my help to complete the job.




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