The Death of Ralen Hlaalo is a House Hlaalu quest available to the Nerevarine during the events of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.

Background[edit | edit source]

Ralen Hlaalo was a member of House Hlaalu that has recently been murdered. Nileno Dorvayn wants the Nerevarine to investigate the crime, find the murderer and kill him, so that no other dares to raise a hand against a House Hlaalu member ever again. Alternatively, this quest can be acquired during the Thieves Guild quest "The Vintage Brandy" and turned in if one is a member of House Hlaalu, even if that point in the Hlaalu questline has not been reached yet.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

  • Talk to Nileno Dorvayn.
    • (Optional) Ask around Balmora about Ralen Hlaalo and rumours of his killer.
    • (Optional) Find and talk with Nine-Toes, who will deny the murder.
  • Enter Hlaalo Manor.
  • Ask around Balmora about the murderer's description that Nirith gave.
  • Kill Thanelen Velas (whom fits the description perfectly).
  • Return to Nileno Dorvayn.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Once the Nerevarine has returned from delivering Teneran's orders, Nileno Dorvayn will give the Nerevarine the task of investigating the murder of a Hlaalu Noble. Ralen Hlaalo, the Noble in question, was killed in his Manor in Balmora by an unknown assailant. The Nerevarine is tasked with finding the murderer and bringing them to justice.

General Suspicions[edit | edit source]

This is an optional part of the quest and only available before the Nerevarine begins the investigation of the Hlaalo Manor. Asking around Balmora will reveal that general consensus believes that the Argonian Nine-Toes was the murderer. Nine-Toes, unsurprisingly, will deny that he killed Hlaalo, and, as the Nerevarine lacks any evidence, the Nerevarine must accept this denial for the time being.

Investigating Hlaalo Manor[edit | edit source]

The Nerevarine may enter the Manor at any time, as Dorvayn will give them a key to the Manor. Inside the Nerevarine can speak to Uryne Nirith, Hlaalo's servant. She will reveal that she witnessed the murder and will proceed to give the Nerevarine a description of the assailant (Dunmer, young, redhair, Bonemold Armor with a Dwarven War Axe).

Justice for Hlaalo[edit | edit source]

"That could be Thanelen Velas at the Council Club over by the Silt Strider."
―Citizens after hearing the description[src]

Armed with this description, the Nerevarine may question various people with this Nirith's description. The answer given will lead to Thanelen Velas (a Camonna Tong member) in the Balmora Council Club. At this point the Nerevarine is faced with a choice, they can either kill Nine-Toes (if they spoke to him earlier) or Velas (as Nirith's description suggests that he did it) or, kill both suspects.

Having killed one, or both, of the suspects for Hlaalo's murder, the Nerevarine may return to Dorvayn. She will thank the Nerevarine for bringing justice to Hlaalo's murderer (no matter what option was chosen) and will reward them with 1,000 Gold.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This quest is open to non-Hlaalu members, as the topic of Ralen Hlaalo may come up in other conversations.
    • A Thieves Guild quest involves stealing his Vintage Brandy.
    • Nileno will discuss this topic with the Nerevarine after a certain point in the Main Quest.
    • The Nerevarine may also break into the Manor and speak Nirith to get the murderer's description.
    • Someone in Balmora may mention the murder to you. This will allow you to speak to Nelino about it.
    • If you have already killed the suspect for other reasons, the quest will immediately complete when you talk to Nileno about it
    • The 1,000 Gold reward can still be obtained no matter how the quest is begun.
  • Killing the murderer may incur a bounty.
    • Nine-Toes may be killed without a bounty.
    • Velas must be provoked into attacking if the Nerevarine wants to avoid a bounty.
  • Hlaalo Manor is unoccupied prior to and after the quest, meaning that it can be used as the Nerevarine's home (storage containers won't reset).

Journal[edit | edit source]

The Death of Ralen Hlaalo
ID Journal Entry
5 I found the body of Ralen Hlaalo.
  • Quest accepted
10 Nileno Dorvayn told me that a Redoran noble [sic], Ralen Hlaalo, was recently killed. I must find out who killed Ralen Hlaalo and retaliate so that no one dares murder a Hlaalu noble again.
  • Quest accepted
15 Nileno Dorvayn told me she is looking for the murderer of Ralen Hlaalo. If I bring the murderer to justice, I should let her know.
30 There are rumors here in Balmora that Nine-Toes is the murderer.
40 Nine-Toes told me that he is not a murderer.
50 Uryne Nirith, a servant of Ralen Hlaalo, told me that the murderer was a Dunmer with red hair in bonemold armor wielding a Dwemer War Axe.
60 I was told that Thanelen Velas at the Council Club here in Balmora meets the murderer's description.
100 I killed Nine-Toes and reported back to Nileno Dorvayn.
  • Quest Complete
110 I killed Thanelen Velas and reported back to Nileno Dorvayn.
  • Quest Complete
120 I killed both Nine-Toes and Thanelen Velas and reported back to Nileno Dorvayn.
  • Quest Complete
150 Even though I don't belong to House Hlaalu, Nileno Dorvayn rewarded me for finding Ralen Hlaalo's murderer.
  • Quest Complete
 200  Nileno Dorvayn thanked me for killing Thanelen Velas for Larrius Varro. Apparently Thanelen was the murderer of Ralen Hlaalo.
  • Quest Complete

Bugs[edit | edit source]

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  • If Velas is dead before the quest her disposition will increase (as will the Nerevarine's reputation in Hlaalu) although the rewards won't be given.
  • Nileno will give the Nerevarine the reward and reputation increase each time they speak to her.

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