The Desolate Mine is a quest in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. This quest is given to the Hero by Burz gro-Khash in Cheydinhal. It is a contract to deliver weapons to Fighters Guild members in the Desolate Mine northwest of Cheydinhal.

The Hero is then given a Steel Bow, Steel Longsword and Steel Warhammer to deliver to this location.



Talk to Burz gro-Khash and he will ask the Hero to deliver weapons consisting of a bow, hammer, and sword to the Desolate Mine northwest of town. Travel there and kill the two goblins up front, one will be an archer who tends to use poison arrows; however, they are usually only drain personality debuff.

Desolate MineEdit

Go inside the cave and find the three guild members waiting for them. Speak first to Rienna and she'll take the bow. Then speak to Elidor and give him the sword, and finally speak to Brag gro-Bharg and give him the hammer. After they all have their weapons speak to Rienna and they will set off clearing the mine. Stay with them as if any of them die the reward drops. The mine is filled with savage goblins; clear them out and return to Burz.

Alternative wayEdit

An easy way to ensure that there are no casualties is to pickpocket the mine key from Rienna and clear the mine before the others set off. If the Hero is no good at pickpocketing, try to stay ahead of them and head to the area with the log trap—as this is what seems to kill them most readily—then set it off, avoid the logs, and then kill the goblin "boss". If the Hero has access to a Calm spell, such as Soothing Touch, it can give a considerable head start by calming Rienna and her comrades.

The Hero can also just simply ignore the quest objective to deliver the weapons and instead clear the mine by themselves. Killing the "boss" goblin will complete the quest. Either way, return to Burz for the reward.


Journal Entry
  • Update: Upon receiving the contract from Burz:

Burz gro-Khash has given me a contract to deliver a weapons shipment to Fighters Guild members in the Desolate Mine northwest of Cheydinhal.

  • Update: Upon speaking to Rienna:

I've spoken with Rienna, one of the fighters in the Desolate Mine. She tells me that the cave has been infested with goblins, and we should clear the place out before leaving. I will have to give them each weapons, though.

  • Update: After delivering the weapons:

I have given weapons to the three Fighters Guild members. We should now clear the Mine of goblins.

  • Update: Once the cave has been cleared of goblins:

The Desolate Mine is now clear of the goblins infesting it. I should return to Burz gro-Khash for payment.

If there are no casualties:

  • Update: Reporting back to Burz with no casualties:

Burz gro-Khash was pleased with my efforts, and has paid me for completing the contract.

  • Quest complete

If there are casualties:

  • Update: Reporting back to Burz with casualties:

I returned to Burz gro-Khash, who was not happy I allowed other guild members to die. I was still rewarded for delivering the weapons.

  • Quest complete


  • If one pickpockets the key off Rienna and clears all of the goblins without giving them the weapons, the option to won't ever appear; they will simply tell the Hero to return for their reward. This makes the steel sword, bow, and hammer stuck in your inventory as quest items forever.
  • The loot on the Goblins is not leveled, the weapons on the bodies are mostly silver, and therefore those above the level of 25 may not find much use of the loot.
  • The gold reward is reduced by 20% for each of the three guild members that die so save before handing over the weapons.

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