The Disappearance of Captain Carius is the fourth quest in the main questline of The Elder Scrolls III: Bloodmoon.


"You are not of the Skaal. Speak with Tharsten Heart-Fang in the Greathall. He is our leader, and will deal with you."
Skaal Honor Guard[src]


Werewolf attackEdit

After returning to Fort Frostmoth the Nerevarine will find that the fort has been attacked. The gate is destroyed and there are several collapsed walls. The Nerevarine's companion, who was following from the previous quest, will tell them to visit Captain Falx Carius. The guards will point the Nerevarine to Gaea Artoria or Saenus Lusius. Either one that is questioned will explain that the captain has gone missing and the attack was carried out by wolf creatures, possibly werewolves. They will mention that the Skaal, the native people of Solstheim, who live in their village in the north, might know more. Either one spoken to will give the Skull of a Skaal Warrior, that was found in a Skaal tomb, to the Nerevarine to bring to the Skaal as a sign of good faith.

The SkaalEdit

After going to Skaal Village, the Nerevarine will be directed to Tharsten Heart-Fang, the leader of the Skaal. He will tell the Nerevarine that the Skaal had nothing to do with it and that the wolves were no mere wolves. The Nerevarine may offer the skull, Tharsten Heart-Fang will tell them that he's angry that the Imperials have upset the balance of nature, and it needs to be restored. He will, however, recognize the Nerevarine may have come in good faith, but to be able to trust them, Tharsten Heart-Fang asks the Hero to pass the Skaal test of loyalty.

This will start the quest "The Skaal Test of Loyalty."

Back at the fortEdit

The Nerevarine may now report their findings to Artoria or Lusius, in the fort. they will be disappointed that the Captain's whereabouts was not solved, and will recommend that the Nerevarine go back to the Skaal village and win the trust of the Skaal. This will complete the quest.


The Disappearance of Captain Carius – BM_CariusGone
ID Journal Entry
10Upon returning to Fort Frostmoth, I learned that the fort had been attacked by strange, wolflike creatures, and that Captain Carius has been abducted.
  • Quest accepted
20Gaea Artoria suggests I should seek out the Nords who live on the northern coast of Solstheim. She says that these Nords worship animals, specifically wolves. She believes that they may be responsible for Captain Carius' disappearance. She doesn't believe they'll tell me much, as I am an outsider. So, she's given me a skull found in a Nord burial ground to give to the Skaal to better earn their trust. I'm to remain with them until I know more.
25Saenus Lusius believes that I should seek out the Nords who live on the northern coast of Solstheim. Lusius tells me that these Nords are nature worshippers, and would know what these animals were that attacked the fort. He would like me to remain with these people, work my way into their confidence, though it may take a long time. He's given me a skull found in a Skaal tomb, in the hopes they will accept it as a sign of good faith.
30I have found the Nord village. The people here have told me to speak to Tharsten Heart-Fang, their leader. He is in the Greathall.
100Tharsten Heart-Fang says he knows nothing about the attack on Fort Frostmoth, and that the creatures that attacked the fort were not normal wolves.
105I have returned to Fort Frostmoth and spoken with Saenus Lusius. He was disappointed the Skaal have not told me more, but not surprised. He wishes for me to return to them and live among them until I can find out what has happened to Captain Carius.
  • Quest complete
110Gaea Artoria did not believe that the Skaal knew nothing about the attack or Carius' disappearance. She would like me to return, earn their trust, and continue to live among them. She believes that, given time, I might be able to find out what has happened to Captain Carius.
  • Quest complete


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  • If the companion (Gaea Artoria or Saenus Lusius) that accompanied the Nerevarine dies, the other will become hostile. If they both die, the main questline cannot be completed.

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