"Morachellis speculated that the ayleids who built the great spire above Erokii were attempting to create a metaphysical structure that would be a focus of Aurbis power, much as the Adamantine Tower is said to be. I have no idea what that means."
Phrastus of Elinhir, loading screen[src]

The Doomcrag is an Ayleid ruin situated in the region of Rivenspire.


  • Shrouded Pass
  • Edesel
  • Varlasel
  • First Portal Chamber
  • Chamber of the Stone Guardian
  • Ceynaril
  • Doomcrag Lower Tier
  • Doomcrag Middle Tier
  • Doomcrag Upper Tier
  • Relic Chamber


Puzzle of the PassEdit


The Lightless RemnantEdit


Dream-Walk Into DarknessEdit


Notable itemsEdit

In the Chamber of the Stone Guardian, quest-related:





  • During The Lightless Remnant it becomes enshrouded in a shadowy dome.
  • If the assumption of Morachellis is true, then the Lightless Remnant is possibly the Stone of the Tower.
  • The Doomcrag's description prior to release was, "At first glance, this crag that juts above the highest peaks of Rivenspire looks like a natural formation, but it is not: it’s a mortal construction, built by the Ayleids of Erokii around the beginning of the First Era. Whatever the Wild Elves’ original intentions, their tower has since been corrupted by an evil force."[1]



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