The Dwemer's Bone is a quest given by Balen Andrano.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Find Balen Andrano in the Vivec, Redoran Canton in Vivec City and speak to him.
  2. Plant a dwemer bone in the chest near Jeanne's bed.
  3. Get reward from Balen: a Sleep Amulet.
  4. (Optional): Deal with the new problem of Jeanne. There is now a Dwarven Spectre in her bedroom, scaring away her customers. There are three ways to get rid if it:
    • Buy the dwemer bone from Jeanne (it appears in her inventory), since this will kill the spectre behind the door.
    • Kill the spectre, then either take or leave the bone in the bedroom chest.
    • While the spectre is still active, take the bone from the chest (which will kill the spectre).
  5. Completing any of these will result in Jeanne rewarding a Steel Shardmauler to the Nerevarine.

Detailed walkthroughEdit




The Dwemer's Bone – EB_Bone
IDJournal Entry
10I have heard rumor that Balen Andrano is having a rough time with his business.
15Balen Andrano has asked me to do a job for him. He would like me to place the bone of a dead Dwemer in the shop of one of his rivals, the Redguard trader Jeanne. He claims that it will be a bad luck totem for the more prosperous merchant.
20I have agreed to place the Dwemer bone in Jeanne's shop. Andrano tells me I must place the bone in a chest near the merchant's bed, so while she sleeps, the bone will work its evil magic. If I am spotted doing this, though, the magic will not work.
  • Quest accepted
30I have decided not to help Balen Andrano.
  • Quest failed
40I have successfully placed the Dwemer bone in Jeanne's chest.
50While trying to sneak the Dwemer bone into the chest near Jeanne's bed, I was spotted.
55Jeanne admonished me for attempting to enter her private quarters, and threatened to call the guard if I did not stay away.
60I have returned to Balen Andrano and collected my reward, a sleep amulet.
  • Quest complete
70I have returned to Balen Andrano, who was very disappointed in my failure.
80After returning to Jeanne's store, the shopkeeper tells me that she has been haunted by a dwarven ghost, and her business is suffering. She would like me to rid her of this evil spirit.
90I have killed the dwarven spirit haunting Jeanne's store.
  • Quest complete
100I have removed the bone from the chest in Jeanne's bedroom, and the dwarven spirit has disappeared.
  • Quest complete
110Jeanne thanked me for my help, and rewarded me well for my efforts.
  • Quest complete

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