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The Dwemer Goblet is a Thieves Guild quest in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. Gentleman Jim Stacey asks the Nerevarine to steal a Large Dwemer Goblet, and return it to Danso Indules as a gift.

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The Dwemer Goblet
Gentleman Jim Stacey asked me to steal Berel Sala's large Dwemer goblet and donate it to Danso Indules in the name of the Bal Molagmer. Berel Sala is the head of the Ordinators. He and his Dwemer goblet are in the Justice Offices in Vivec. Danso Indules wanders about the city of Vivec healing the sick. I'm likely to find her in the Temple area, near the High Fane.
  • Quest accepted
Danso Indules accepted the large Dwemer goblet, but seemed puzzled.
Danso Indules accepted the goblet, and seemed appreciative. She has heard stories of the return of the Bal Molagmer.
Danso Indules said that he would not accept anything stolen from Berel Sala.
Gentleman Jim Stacey thanked me for stealing Berel Sala's Dwemer goblet and delivering it to Danso Indules.
  • Quest completed

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