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The Elder Scrolls Online: The Thieves Guild is a DLC for The Elder Scrolls Online. It was released on March 7th, 2016 for PC and Mac, March 22nd for Xbox One, and March 23rd for PlayStation 4.[1] The DLC takes place in Abah's Landing, found in Hew's Bane, Hammerfell, though a number of quests take place in different locations around Tamriel.

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The shrine of Nocturnal, which was later removed in the final release.

Concept art for Thieves Guild weapons and armor was first shown at QuakeCon in July 2014.[2] Datamined content showed that the city of Abah's Landing would have been on Cybiades, an island in northern Hammerfell.[3]

Abah's Landing when it was located on Cybiades. Large quantities of vegetation are seen growing in buildings throughout the city, something that was later removed when the city changed regions.

Datamining contained factions known as the Twilight Lodge and Violet Lodge, which were cultist groups revering Nocturnal. A mission at the great altar for Nocturnal would have been involved with being recruited into the guild. The altar would have been located in Headsman Cosh's manor, before Cosh's rank was changed to Merchant Lord. In the All about Tamriel Unlimited ESO Live episode that aired on January 21, 2015, a preview of Abah's Landing was shown, designed with a rather different layout. The altar of Nocturnal, as well early colorful designs for Thieves Guild armors. The city of Abah's Landing itself was, at that point, littered with wild vegetation and trees, as well as many traversable platforms connected to buildings that players would have traveled on.[4]

At some point however, this premise of the DLC was scrapped. The zone was changed to Hew's Bane; a region of Hammerfell opposite to Cybiades, located on the southern end of the province rather than the north. Whereas the Cybiades version of Abah's Landing was full of plant life, Hew's Bane was a very barren land where little grew. The zone lead Anna Murchison said that the general design of Abah's Landing was based on that of The Elder Scrolls Adventures: Redguard architecture, which was also the game that Hew's Bane was first officially given a name.[5] The zone of Hew's Bane was based on Australia, outlined in early development as a desert area considered to be inhospitable, where "everything wants to kill you".[6]


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The DLC was released on the Public Test Server on February 4th, 2016.[7] It was officially released alongside Update 9 on March 7th, 2016 for PC/Mac, March 22nd for Xbox One, and March 23rd for PS4.



  • The DLC was originally designed to have many more platforms and boards built on the sides of structures, which would be used for traversing around the city. The number of these platforms was cut down when the DLC was released for public testing.