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The Elder Scrolls Travels: Dawnstar is a 2004 RPG developed exclusively for Java-enabled cell phones in the style and scope of its fellow The Elder Scrolls games. It is one of four mobile TES games published by Bethesda Softworks.

Dawnstar consists of one quest in which the player discovers the traitor in the camp and defeats the Ice Tribe besieging it. The game was adapted somewhat in order to run on phones of different performance capabilities; the most limited version of the game only has eight dungeons and six playable character classes, while the most complete version has thirty-six dungeons and adds the Spellsword class to reach a total of seven classes.


"Your assignment in the exile post of Dawnstar begins poorly, as glacier tribes are raiding this far northern town. Governor Vinticae informs you that he needs you to find his four champions (Alhavara, Beatrice, Chung, and Delacroix), one of whom is probably a traitor in league with the tribes. You must survive the rigors of Dawnstar, choose friends carefully, gain enough power to defeat enemies, and restore your good name." —Promotional text


Dawnstar is a first-person dungeon crawler. Every rest has a chance of being interrupted by the Gehenoth. On their travels, the player finds warp points and Dawnstar's four champions. The player must gain information regarding the first attack on Dawnstar by giving the champions gifts in exchange for answers. The game ends when the player successfully ferrets out the traitor and defeats the Gehenoth Thriceborn.

Cut Content[]

Despite what the promotional text says, the game's plot has nothing to do with "restoring your good name." In fact, most of what the old Elder Scrolls website says is in the game was not included. There is no "good or evil" path to take, enemies do not level with the player, and the only real artifact of any sort is the Starfrost.[1]


The following is a list of mobiles and carriers for Dawnstar:[2]

Handset Carrier
Motorola T720 AT&T (US)
Nokia 3620 AT&T (US)
Nokia 3650 AT&T (US)
Motorola T720 Cingular (US)
Nokia 3650 Cingular (US)
LG 5350 Sprint (US)
Samsung A600 Sprint (US)
Samsung A620 Sprint (US)
Samsung A660 Sprint (US)
Sanyo 4900 Sprint (US)
Sanyo 5300 Sprint (US)
Sanyo 5400 Sprint (US)
Sanyo 5500 Sprint (US)
Sanyo 7200 Sprint (US)
Sanyo 8100 Sprint (US)
Audiovox 8600 (BREW) Verizon (US)
LG VX4400 (BREW) Verizon (US)
LG VX4500 (BREW) Verizon (US)
LG VX6000 (BREW) Verizon (US)
Samsung A610 (BREW) Verizon (US)
Samsung A670 (BREW) Verizon (US)
Samsung A690 (BREW) Verizon (US)

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