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  • Poisoned apples

    Alliance War is a card-based expansion for , with 104 new cards based around the conflict for the Ruby Throne in the Second Era, the same event is set in.

    Similar to last year's Houses of Morrowind, Alliance War features five new tri-colour factions with their own mechanics:

    • Aldmeri Dominion: //
      • Empower: When your opponent takes damage, increase the effect of your cards for a turn
    • Daggerfall Covenant: //
      • Mobilize: When placed in an empty lane, an item w…
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  • Poisoned apples

    As of February 25th, and Update 21 has been released on PC and Mac!

    Wrathstone is a DLC dungeon pack, the first part of the "Season of the Dragon". In this part of the story, Tharayya, with your help, discovers the two Wrathstone tablets in two different dungeons, before Abnur Tharn uses them to open the Halls of Colossus and set dragons loose upon Elsweyr, as seen in the trailer.

    With Wrathstone comes Update 21, bringing a host of improvements, a …

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  • Poisoned apples

    The Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr, a new Chapter for is coming to PC/Mac, XBox One and PS4 on June 4 2019.

    It's part of the year-long story, known as "The Season of the Dragon". The Elsweyr Chapter will feature:

    • A main quest line interconnected with the story of the Season of the Dragon, as well as stand-alone quests
    • A new, long-requested Class; the Necromancer
    • Sunspire, a 12-player Trial
    • Updates and quality-of-life improvements
    • And fully explore the l…
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  • Atvelonis

    As of Monday, October 22nd, the long-awaited Murkmire expansion to The Elder Scrolls Online is finally available for PC/Mac players, as is the free Update 20 patch. The add-on will be coming to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on November 6th. Murkmire whisks the Vestige into the swampy depths of Black Marsh, where they will encounter a close look at vibrant Argonian cultures in a harsh, jungled environment filled with exotic flora and fauna never before s…

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  • Atvelonis

    Hi all, Atvelonis here. Welcome to 2019! I hope life is treating you well. At this time, I would like to take the time to share some administrative insights with the wider TESWiki community. I believe that a certain amount of transparency can go a long way toward building and maintaining trust between the staff and users, and that feedback from users about problems that affect both groups can help us improve the way we carry out our responsibilit…

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  • Nehpys

    This instructional guide is the first in a four-part series on how to install the older series of games (referred to as "The Older Scrolls"), , , , and .

    This article focuses on , the 1994 action-adventure role-playing fantasy game created by Bethesda Softworks. For its sequel, see Setting Up - The Older Scrolls II: Daggerfall.

    This guide is looked over by Nehpys regularly. New sections will be added, parts edited and shifted for maximum efficien…

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  • Atvelonis

    Hi all, Atvelonis here. I'm writing this blog to clarify and elaborate upon some ambiguous points in the wiki's policies on character images.

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  • Timeoin

    The NDA is now lifted

    May 23, 2017 by Timeoin

    Just a quick note to say that the NDA is now lifted for

    If you were in the beta, or you have early access, we request your help on getting as much content on Morrowind up on the wiki as quickly as possible - be it quest names, character names, locations, whatever - every little bit helps.

    Thank you in advance.


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  • Madman97

    I opened my eyes and shut them again, and couldn't tell the difference. There I walked in such a blackness that it fractured with an embryonic light my mind desperately wanted to perceive, feeling my way down an irregular corridor toward the source of an oncoming draft. As I stumbled onwards, the air current grew forceful against me. I kept to the wall, following the fractal fuzz borne of my fear, prodding ahead with my hands until they slid fro…

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  • Madman97

    (Madman Tonight is filmed in front of a live studio audience)

    The room is alight with candles and a roaring log-fire. Adorning the doors and the walls are wreaths of holly and red ribbons. To complete the spirit of holiday, our host, adorned in a santa hat and crimson faille bathrobe, sits in a big leather chair (made from authentic reindeer skin!) with a thick tome in his spindly fingers.

    Madman97 (putting down the book): Oh, hello, I didn't see …

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  • Madman97

    Madman97 (whispering): I really hope you don't mind, Flightmare. The schedule didn't really allow a break in the show--

    Dave: I wish we still had the laugh track.

    Madman97: --and you really have no choice in the matter anyway. Come here!

    (Madman97, Dave, and Flightmare (the lattermost being uncomfortable) press together so they fit in the shot of Madman97's secret camera.)

    Madman97: You are about the enter the court of madness. The people are real. …

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  • Madman97

    (The following transcript of footage was captured real time on camcorder with plans never to be released, until now.)

    (Dave knocks on a decrepit, satanic door made of the fallen hairs of Donald Trump's toupee. This is the realm of Rantyland. Sense is a luxury here. Dave nervously oscillates his gaze between the nipple-shaped ornament for the doorbell and the unseen cameraman.)

    Dave: Alright, be cool, be cool; I hear him coming.

    Cameraman (reaching …

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  • TheRealDarkChaser


    May 17, 2019 by TheRealDarkChaser

    The Lazarus Coalition and I were discussing race appropriation, where and when, who and how. We found that the Shipped date release Skyrim, did not acclimate properly to our natural standards. This mod is a requirement for all serious players. Akaviri Race

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  • Webspidrman

     So what is this blog about, exactly?

    So I was recently reading Children of the Root, our first example of an Argonian creation myth.  The in-universe reason that this one is probably the first one to be made known to players is because Argonian myths are known in Tamriel to be "obscure and contradictory" and too difficult to reconcile with those of other races, whereas this one (despite not being "otherwise attested" outside of the Adzi-Kostleel …

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  • Pint-Sized Pickman


    2nd tale: Maormer run ashore at the Gold Coast (ca 4E 200)






    1st tale: Imperial soldier trapped in Eastmarch (Skyrim Civil War)


    1.2 https://…

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  • AssassinZ05


    May 9, 2019 by AssassinZ05

    I think that since Starfield will be coming out before ES: 6 then it better be really good, I mean if Elder Scrolls: 6 is three-fourths as good as Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, then Starfield needs to be twice as good as Skyrim was. I just hope that Bethesda doesn't get distracted and make ES: 6 bad. It needs to be good to make up for the loss of a good (non-internet) game since 2017 and before that 2015.

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The Queen's Decree Olnewil

The Queen's Decree is the first quest of the main quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset. The Vestige arrives on the island of Summerset in the wake of Queen Ayrenn's decree to open the border to foreigners, only to encounter an attack by mysterious creatures outside Shimmerene. They are tasked by Razum-dar with investigating the decree's effects on the populace, as well as the nature of the attack.


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Seyda Neen (Online)

This image captures Seyda Neen, a remote Imperial port town in south-western Vvardenfell. Located in the Bitter Coast region, it is considered the "Gateway to Vvardenfell," because it is the closest settlement to the mainland of Morrowind.

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