Akatosh badge

The Akatosh Badge, named for the Dragon God of Time, Akatosh, is an award in the Achievements system received after contributing to the wiki for 365 consecutive days. So far, only 14 users have completed this task.

Prerequisites[edit source]

To receive the Akatosh badge, one must first receive six other similar badges, collectively organized under the "Wiki Love track" of badges. Each of these are awarded for making consecutive edits for a certain period of time. The counter will not be reset upon gaining one of these, meaning it is possible to get the Akatosh badge after making exactly 365 days of consecutive edits. However, should a day be skipped, the counter will reset itself.

  • Great Start – 5 days
  • Enthusiast – 14 days
  • Adventurer – 30 days
  • Champion – 60 days
  • Hero – 100 days
  • King – 200 days
  • Akatosh – 365 days

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