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The Arbitration process for a block or ban appeal is undergone when a user who has been punished for breaking one of the wiki's rules wishes to contest their punishment. To do so, please follow the template given below. A full appeal should be at least 250 words in length. Acceptable requests include contesting the length of the block or the block as a whole.


If you simply message an administrator on their talk page or elsewhere contesting a block, they are under no obligation to respond. Making an application on this page will require the administration to respond in a timely manner.

Admitting your fault in the situation, if you were indeed at fault, may indicate to the staff that you are aware of what you did wrong and are thus unlikely to repeat the act in the future.

If you have been blocked rather than chat banned and are therefore unable to edit the wiki, please send your full application to the administrators at the following email: theelderscrollswikia@gmail.com. Alternatively, contact an administrator privately with your appeal. In either case, your appeal will be posted here for transparency purposes.



Describe the nature of the incident that led to your block: when and where it occurred, exactly who was involved, and any other relevant details.


Make your case here. Explain why you did not break the rules, or, if you did break a rule, why your block should not be for as long as it is. Be specific, coherent, and persuasive.

Staff response[]

Please do not edit this section. Once the administration and other relevant staff members have discussed the matter, they will give an official response, either supporting or opposing the block, explaining their reasoning.