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Bots are fully or semi-automated accounts operated by administrators or other trusted staff members to carry out otherwise highly tedious, repetitive tasks, usually related to maintenance. Most bots use frameworks such as AutoWikiBrowser or PyWikiBot, but others are designed from scratch. The use of these accounts to complete massive jobs quickly frees up time for editors to focus on adding content. In the event that a bot account is somehow compromised, please contact an administrator to block it immediately.


  • User must actively hold the position of patroller, administrator, bureaucrat, or Helper when applying to be eligible.
  • User must be familiar with all current TESWiki policies and style guidelines and must have good editing skills in general.
  • User has previous bot experience on a different wiki (2,500+ bot edits) and must give evidence of several (3–5) different task types to prove they are proficient with its usage.
  • If the user is lacking in one of the above sections, an exception can be made if they have shown exceptional traits, abilities, and/or actions that prove them fit for the position.

Carrying out bot tasks

All large-scale, complex, or potentially controversial bot tasks should be done only after a community consensus has approved said task. Additionally, any task that goes even slightly against any stated policy or style guideline requires community consensus to be carried out.

Minor content and formatting tasks do not require community input as long as they are consistent with present policies and style and formatting guidelines, but a CT may still be created for such tasks if deemed necessary by the bot operator.

List of bots


Decommissioned bots

Reevals of Inactive Bots 2016


In order to apply for bot permissions, you are required to meet the prerequisites listed above. Otherwise, your application may be removed.

To be permitted to use a bot account, one has to successfully go through a request for bot rights. Bots have the potential of causing a lot of damage if misused, so it is a good idea to give the community a good impression. Write up a few paragraphs explaining your editorial background, skills, etc., as well as the reason a new bot account is needed on the wiki and what type of bot you have in mind. Also be sure to link to an adequate number of varied bot tasks you have done from another wiki.

<createbox> break = yes prefix = Project:Bots/ preload = Template:BotNomRequest buttonlabel = Apply for bot rights </createbox>

Insert one of the four templates below to cast a vote.

A staff vote requires a supermajority (2/3) of votes to be supporting in order for the vote to pass.

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