Notice: This project is now defunct, per consensus. This page is kept solely as a historic record.
Not to be confused with The Circle in Skyrim.



The Circle was a small group of editors whose job it was to quickly review Comprehensive, Good, and Featured article nominations made by the community. As with before, the community was encouraged to make as many nominations of any kind as they see fit; they were also encouraged to comment on nominations and make suggestions. The Circle only existed to speed up the former process of voting on status article nominations, which was relatively slow and ineffective.

Removal[edit source]

After the initial few meetings, the Circle became inactive, resulting in most articles never completing the nomination process. Eventually, community vote unofficially began again, and on October 20th, 2018, the Circle was dissolved.

Membership[edit source]

The maximum number of editors at any one time was five, and membership of the group was not fixed. If the community believed someone was not up to the job, they could be removed via community consensus. A rotational element, although never officially added, would have allowed new editors to become even more familiar with the nuances of these articles and requirements. All members must be very familiar with the nomination guidelines and general wiki guidelines on article quality.

Active members at the time[edit source]

Past Members[edit source]

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