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This page is considered an official policy on TESWiki.

It has wide acceptance among editors and is considered a standard that everyone should follow. Except for minor edits, please make use of the discussion page to propose changes to this policy.

Discussions/Feeds as of April 2nd, 2019.

Discussions as of March 31st, 2019.


The TESWiki Discussions, also called /d due to its former URL, is part of The Elder Scrolls Wiki app, which is the mobile extension of the main TESWiki. Created to be a more simple and inviting way to communicate with other fans about the series, it was voted into existence in December 2015. While many updates are coming that will provide additional features to the app, it is critical that all users know the set rules for this application.

As this is an application under the service of Wikia, you are also subjected to Wikia's Terms of Use. At all times, please go along with with staff requests. If you ignore them, you risk being blocked from the wiki.

Who are the moderators?

A discussions moderator is someone that has been appointed to moderate and enforce rules on the discussions. While they are the enforcers, all discussions moderators are subject to the policy as well. Discussions moderators are capable of closing and locking threads and removing comments if need be. They can be recognized by a grey icon with a white talking cloud in it, in the upper-left corner of their avatar.


Administrators are a step above discussions moderators, but share many of the same tools. Administrators are chosen leaders and enforcers of policy on The Elder Scrolls Wiki, and as a sub-site of that wiki, their powers also affect the app. Bureaucrats are administrators who also have the ability to promote other users to that position. Both administrators and bureaucrats can be recognized by the gold icon with a white star in it, in the upper-left corner of their avatar.

If you want to become a moderator yourself, you are free to write up an application for the position and send it to the administration at any time, though you are required to have met all of the prerequisites ahead of time. Only a small percentage of applicants are granted the position; be sure to emphasize your skills and potential usefulness to the moderation team, and why you stand out from the rest of the applicants.


Although discussion moderators and administrators may take in context when deciding how to enforce a rule, breaking any of them can result in punishment of the user at fault, or the closing of the post as a whole. Ignorance of the policy is not an excuse from the policy; we expect all users to be familiar with the rules. However, if you lead another user into unknowingly breaking policy, you will be held accountable.

Personal attacks

Personal attacks against another user or a group to which they belong will not be tolerated. We have a zero-tolerance policy on bullying, even if the user in question is currently offline. We define bullying as the targeting of someone and speaking to or of them in a derogatory manner due to their nationality, ethnicity, race, gender/gender identity, sexual orientation, religion or spiritual beliefs, interests, sociological factors (spelling, grammar, intellect, etc.), psychological state (mental illnesses), or physical appearance. This also includes goading other users (including staff) with comments that you know will provoke a hostile reaction.

Spam and trolling

Do not spam a large number of new threads. If you see multiple threads with the same topic posted close together, it is best to refrain from posting a thread of the same topic. Additionally, do not add spam to threads. Excessive capital letters, ASCII art, "l33t" speak, emojis, nonsense posts, and alternating capitals will also be counted as spam. Double posting is allowed, but is discouraged for smaller comments.

Obviously, you should also not troll threads. Trolling is defined as purposefully irritating or annoying others with the intention of hampering the intellectual discourse that exists on this wiki. This includes the employment of bad faith arguments in any situation, e.g. intentionally using a "straw man" or red herring to misleadingly illustrate a point, or poisoning the well to misleadingly discredit another person or group. Furthermore, sexual harassment, death threats, revealing personal information (doxxing), or attempting to have another user punished for something they didn't do will be met with an immediate block from the wiki.

Likewise, purposely disrupting the flow of a conversation or the Discussions at large is grounds for a block. This includes "threadcrapping," or making irrelevant or off-topic comments on a thread solely in order to express one's displeasure with its topic. It also includes comments consisting solely of unnecessary grammatical corrections. If a post breaks the rules, report it to the moderators instead. The administration further reserves the right to block any drama-inciting users for their behavior, even if they were not ringleaders.

Soliciting upvotes

Posts that intentionally solicit upvotes will be taken down; they not only mess with the "Trending" page, but are a great annoyance. Here are some examples of posts that are allowed, versus ones that are not:

Disallowed Allowed
"I really hate that the original Skyrim doesn't have automatic 144hz or ultrawide support. It's very troublesome for PC users; upvote if you agree!" "I really hate that the original Skyrim doesn't have automatic 144hz or ultrawide support. It's very troublesome for PC users."
"If this post gets 50 upvotes I'll start a new character in ESO." "I'm considering starting a new character in ESO. Should I or shouldn't I?"
"I think the upvote button is broken for me, upvote this post to test it." "I think the upvote button is broken for me. How do I contact Wikia to report this bug?"

Making a thread purely to say that you are leaving the Discussions is not permitted. Such posts are off-topic and cause a significant amount of drama. As such, it will be removed and you may be blocked. Likewise, any sort of other clearly attention-seeking posts such as fake suicide threats will be deleted upon sight.

Advertising your own product, website, organization, or service (for financial gain or otherwise) is also expressly disallowed on the Discussions. Contact a staff member if you are unsure whether sharing a link of yours will break this rule.

NSFW content

The exchange of pornography, gore, or otherwise NSFW material is absolutely prohibited. We are attempting to build a welcoming community, and such posts are very counter-productive to that cause. Cursing is allowed, but in moderation.


Please refrain from posting roleplaying threads; share them on the TES Sandbox Wiki (active) or the TES Roleplaying Wiki (inactive) instead. "Build" posts for player characters are still permitted, as long as no active roleplaying takes place on these.

Off-topic posts

Avoid derailing threads from their original topic. If you wish to speak of a different topic than the one being conversed, create a new thread.

In general, do not flood the discussions with off-topic posts. Although some other wikis allow most off-topic discussion, The Elder Scrolls Wiki does not. However, there are some exceptions to this rule, with the following off-topic posts being permitted:

  1. There is no issue with comparing something in The Elder Scrolls to another game or other form of media, pointing out an Easter Egg or real-world correlation in a game, or any other similar topic. The important part is that it relates closely and primarily to The Elder Scrolls.
  2. Asking how to fix a technical issue that is in some way related to The Elder Scrolls is allowed. However, we are not a tech support site, so these questions should be posted sparingly.
  3. If you are new to the app, you are free to make a post greeting the other users of the community, but you should refrain from making more than one of these, even if you have been absent from the Discussions for a long time.
  4. While posts directed towards specific users are disallowed on the app, you are permitted to make a post addressing one or more staff members if you have something to say which is related to the wiki and requires their attention. Please add such posts to the "Staff/Wiki questions" category, and the moderators will reply as soon as possible.
  5. While modification-related threads are perfectly acceptable, keep in mind that we are not primarily a modding community. As such, things like asking for someone to create a whole mod for you is not encouraged.

Here are some examples of posts that are allowed, versus ones that are not, corresponding to the above points:

# Disallowed Allowed
1 "I think The Witcher 3 has the best combat." "I think the combat in Skyrim is better than The Witcher 3, because of Shouts. Thoughts?"
2 "How fast does my PC have to be to run Pong at 4k 60fps?" "How well do you guys think this PC could run Skyrim Special Edition? If it's fast, I think I might get it."
3 "Hi, I took a break from the Discussions last week, has anything changed?" "Hi, I'm new to this community and wanted to greet everyone. I play Skyrim more than any other game, what about everyone else?"
4 "XxX420AlduinBlazeIt420XxX, how have you been? We haven't talked in a while, how's life?" "Moderators, are there any new rules that have been added to the Discussions recently?"
5 "Pls make me a mod that adds fun new quests!!1!!!1!" "I'm looking for a mod that adds new quests to the game. Could anyone tell me of some fun ones?"

If you would prefer to speak about off-topic subjects which are not allowed on the Discussions, you are welcome to join the wiki's live Chat or its Discord server. Please be sure to read the Chat guidelines before entering the Chat or Discord.

Social relationships

The app is not a place to host a relationship. It is not a dating service, and should not be used as one. Likewise, you should try to avoid treating Discussions as a "TES-themed Facebook," and instead consider it a normal TES forum; while there is nothing wrong with having friends on the app, it is not a social media platform, and never will be.

Foreign languages

Generally, the only real-world language you should be speaking in is English. If you speak a language that does not have a Discussions feature, contact the administrators of that wiki and ask them to send a request to Special:Contact/general asking Wikia to enable Discussions.


Please do not mini-mod. Mini-moderating is when you correct a user as if you have the power to punish them, when you truly do not. Instead, report them to those that actually have that power. For example, if you see a user trolling in the comments, there is no reason to write a menacing comment about it. Use the report button and move on.

It is also not the job of users to "investigate" users for potential rule infractions, such as sockpuppetry; while the staff cannot stop users from doing this, you are discouraged from sharing the results of any such investigation on the Discussions itself. Doing so may lead to user-led "witch-hunts," which are not constructive and highly prone to error. Please report any worthwhile findings directly to a moderator or administrator for review, on their talk page or off-site.

Sometimes, an otherwise good thread will break a rule, and you may feel obligated to warn the OP to fix it before the moderators delete it entirely. If you have something on-topic to say, it is acceptable to write a very brief note about the rule they are breaking. Just do not make it the sole purpose of your comment.

You should also avoid answering other users' threads in the "Staff/Wiki questions" category when unprompted, with the exception of certain technical questions. Also, do not impersonate anyone else—regardless of how far-fetched it may seem—and pretend that you are that individual. This includes (but is not limited to) other wiki users, staff members, Bethesda/ZeniMax employees, and celebrities.


Alternate accounts (also called sockpuppets) are not allowed. Administrators are occasionally allowed extra accounts for testing or for bot use (e.g. the operation of the bot KINMUNE), but regular users are not. If you have an alternate account, it will be blocked indefinitely to prevent misuse. Purposely using an alternate account to evade an existing block on your main account will result in an even longer block from the wiki.

Low-effort posts

"Low-effort"/low quality content is not permitted. Please put at least a small amount of thought into making your posts interesting, open-ended, insightful, or otherwise desirable. A low-effort post is defined as one or more of the following:

  • An observation/statement or question that does not spawn any sort of meaningful discussion.
  • An extremely short post (for example, a post that is just one sentence long).†
  • A post that requires little to no thought on the part of the submitter.
  • A post consisting exclusively of a link, and no background information whatsoever.
  • An overly spam-like, immature, or otherwise unappealing post.
  • Any other sort of post that does not keep aloft the quality of content that is currently present among posts on the Discussions.

Here are some examples of posts that are allowed, versus ones that are not:

Disallowed Allowed
".....the empire cant beat the elves, its just true. i hate tullius lol" "Does the Imperial army really have the strength to fight against the Dominion? They're weakened by the Stormcloaks, and High Rock already seceded."
"Morrowind is so much fun" "Morrowind is one of my favorite games in the series. The story and characters are great and I love the gameplay. What about you?"
"Lol.. I found this guy named Nazeem and I killed him" "I was playing Skyrim the other day and I found this guy named Nazeem. He kept making the most annoying comments, so I just killed him (totally worth it though)."

† The exception here is when you're asking for help with something. For example, if you describe a bug in Skyrim in one sentence, your post isn't going to be deleted. But if you're trying to start a more detailed conversation, you should make sure the premise is well-thought-out before posting.

Image uploads

Although images may be uploaded to Discussions through the dedicated image upload feature, they will be removed if they do not meet certain requirements. Specifically:

  • All images must be on-topic.
  • Images must not reveal any personal information.
  • Images must not contain NSFW or offensive content.
  • Image threads must include a reasonably informative description.†
  • Memes or image macros are not permitted.
  • Images must not break any other rules in the Discussions guidelines.

† This applies mainly to images attached to new threads. In these situations, an informative description is critical to understanding the meaning of the photo. However, a lengthy description or caption for an image is not always required in the comment section of a thread if context has already been provided above.


Poll threads may be created in order to gauge the userbase's opinion on a given topic. However, as with image uploads, they will be removed if they do not meet certain requirements, as follows:

  • Polls must adhere to all previously established behavioral guidelines on Discussions.
    • Polls that use images must therefore adhere to the wiki's policies on image usage.
  • Polls asking "Yes/No" questions are not permitted. This qualifies as low-effort.
  • Polls must not simply ask "What should I do in the game?" or similar. This is better done in a text post.
  • Poll prompts should explicitly ask for users' opinions in the comments, not just their answer in the poll itself.

So, You've Been Blocked. Now What?

If you have been blocked from using the app, you are likely either questioning why you were blocked, or what you can do. This section will hopefully provide you the necessary guidance.

If you were blocked, a discussions moderator or administrator saw you breaking one of the rules above, or you were reported for doing so, resulting in you being punished. In order to participate in the Discussions, you will now have to wait for your block to be over. Do not feel discouraged. When your block ends (assuming your offense wasn't extreme enough to warrant an indefinite block), if you chose to follow the rules above, you are perfectly able to come to the app again. A single block does not mean you are no longer welcome.

Block lengths are determined by the severity of your offense, and any previous blocks that you may have. Use the time you are given by your punishment to think about what you did wrong, and return without that fault. We acknowledge that one particularly bad day does not equate a bad user.

If you believe you have been unfairly blocked, and would like to contest that block, please contact a staff member off-site, on platforms such as Steam, Discord, Kik, or whatever else is available. Avoid creating new threads on Discussions asking why you were blocked, because this interferes with its day-to-day functionality.

Tips to the Users of the App

  • If you take issue with any of the rules, or wish to bring up rules you believe are missing, it is recommended that you come to The Elder Scrolls Wiki via a computer during the Moot (8 PM UTC on the first Saturday of every month on the Discord server) or create a Consensus Thread in the wiki's forums.
  • If you have a suggestion related to the structure or features of the app itself, please send your feedback to Wikia at Special:Contact/feedback. If you think you have found a bug, go to Special:Contact/bug instead.
  • We are trying to build a friendly environment on this app. Feel welcome, and please, have fun. The rules are not here to stand in your way, but rather, to provide well-needed authority to the Discussions.
  • Coming updates will provide the still-shaping app with much more content in the future. Enjoy your stay and watch the app grow.
  • A link to a desktop version of the app can be found here.
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