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The Elder Scribes is a community-driven guild environment made up of The Elder Scrolls Wiki members all geared towards one prevailing goal; gathering information. Though varied in styles of play and methods of interaction, the members all work towards growing the collective knowledge of the articles for The Elder Scrolls Online. This page, prior to the game's release, is meant to keep the community up to date on any finalized details involving the guild. Anything still under discussion can be found on the forums via link provided below.

Purpose and goal[edit source]

The guild is, first and foremost, a place of community exploration and information gathering. The primary goal is to gain knowledge pertinent to articles both uncreated and unfinished. A secondary goal is to provide a safe place for a diverse group of players and wiki-contributors to gather in an online gaming community. The guild also hopes to spread the name and standards of the Wikia by gaining new membership in the game and, in turn, gaining members for the wiki. This will help increase both the number of contributors and total amount of information gained.

Name and origin[edit source]

The guild name is currently still under debate, the discussion can be found on the forums under the thread Guild Choices. The physical origin of the guild is from a forum post with an idea from Timeoin, a staff member on the wiki. The lore-based origin of the guild is yet to be determined at this time, pending the finalization of the guild's name.

Rank and responsibilities[edit source]

The guild's rank structure is currently still under debate, the discussion can be found on the forums under the thread Guild Choices - Rank Structure.

Home location[edit source]

The guild has not yet claimed a home location. Upon the release of ESO, or in the late stages of beta, the guild leadership will begin scouting a location to call "home base". Once the location is determined, the goal is to transform it into the seat of learning and understanding for all of Tamriel.

Trivia[edit source]

  • This Article Page was commissioned by Timeoin and created by PsijicThief to keep the whole community appraised of the progress.
  • This entire process was a community effort from the ground up.
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