Welcome to the Elder Scrolls Wiki. This page will attempt to answer some frequently asked questions in regard to navigating and editing this collaborative online encyclopedia. If you have a question that is not answered here, feel free to ask it on the discussion page.

How to...[edit source]

Add my Signature[edit source]

It is highly recommended all users sign their posts on Talk pages. To do this, type four tildes (~~~~) at the end of every post. This will produce a unique variant of: Lord Vladen Imperial Palace 10:11, 18 November 2007 (CST)

Create a Userpage?[edit source]

In order to create a userpage, you must be a registered user of this wiki. Once you are signed in, your account name will appear at the top of the page as a redlink. Click on it and you will be taken to a blank page, which you can edit. Save this, and it will appear as your userpage. Clicking on the discussion tab will create your User talk page.

Upload images[edit source]

Simply click the "Upload file" link located on the sidebar, under the "Toolbox" menu. You will then be taken to the upload screen, where a set of instructions will guide you through the upload process. Note that only registered users may upload files.

Link to images[edit source]

To link to an image, the following format is used: [[Image:(image name).(image extention)]]. So, for example, you would add [[Image:Ungolim.jpg]] to a page to display that image. Remember that only images uploaded to this wiki, under the specified filename, will appear on a page.

You can further customize images as presented on a page. You can display it as a thumbnail by simply using this format extension: [[Image:Ungolim.jpg|thumb]]. Additionally, you may add a caption beneath the image by simply typing your desired text after the formatting: [[Image:Ungolim.jpg|thumb|Ungolim]], which will produce the caption "Ungolim."

You can also set the size of the image in pixels: [[Image:Ungolim.jpg|(Number)px]], so for example, to set an image to the standard 250 pixels, you would type: [[Image:Ungolim.jpg|250px]].

You can also dictate which side of the page the image will appear on, using simple left, right or center commands. For example, [[Image:Ungolim.jpg|left]] will show the image on the left side of the screen.

Create non-inclusive links[edit source]

If you want to link to an image or category, without displaying the image itself or including the page in that category, simply use a colon, thus:

[[:Image:Ungolim.jpg]] or [[:Category:Bosmer]], which will produce:

Image:Ungolim.jpg and Category:Bosmer

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