This is an archive of Ask Me Anything sessions with various members of Fandom Staff which are held in the Fandom/Gamepedia Discord server in the #ask-me-anything channel. These are held around the end of each month.

Sessions[edit source]

Name Position AMA Date
Adam Bradford Co-Founder of D&D Beyond/VP of Tabletop Gaming 2019-11-05
Max Spector Creative Director 2019-12-10
Michael Morgan Director of User Experience Research 2020-01-30
Perkins Miller Fandom CEO 2020-02-26
Isaac Ugay Vice President of Experiential 2020-03-26
Becky Westmoreland Director of SEO 2020-04-29
Tim Quievryn Director of Exploration and Innovation 2020-05-27
Brandon Rhea Vice President of TV/Movies, Anime, and Customer Support 2020-06-25
Carrol Wiki Lead for Gaming on Fandom and Gamepedia 2020-07-30
Jessica Clifford Gamepedia/Community Platform Product Manager 2020-09-24
Mike Iampietro Director of Product 2020-10-29
Stephanie Chief Marketing Officer 2020-11-14
Alianin Product Manager for Editor Tools and Community Platform 2020-12-04
Derek Hart Manager of Product Design 2020-12-21
Will Kavanagh Global Community Lead 2020-12-23

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