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TESwiki featured articles represent the best the wiki has to offer. There are currently 32 featured articles, out of a total of 72,330 articles on TESWiki.

The Daedric letters F and A (FA-star) appear in the top right corner of an article to indicate that it has achieved featured article status.


Month Article Main Page Image
December 2011 Ulfric Stormcloak N/A
January 2012 Sheogorath N/A
February 2012 Cicero N/A
March 2012 Classes (Oblivion) N/A
April 2012 Staves (Skyrim) N/A
May 2012 Solitude (Skyrim) N/A
June 2012 Erandur FA Erandur
July 2012 Khajiit (Skyrim) Emchy an kharjo
August 2012 Vampire Lord Dawnguard-vampire-drain
September 2012 Dragon Priests Dragonpriest-FA1
October 2012 Discerning the Transmundane Oghma Infinium
November 2012 The Towers The impreial citywiki2
December 2012 Touching the Sky (Quest) Innersanctum 03
January 2013 Serana Serana FA 2013
April 2013 Neloth (Dragonborn) Neloth-FA
February 2015 Vampirism (Skyrim) Vampire Difference (Skyrim)
March 2015 Dwemer Mzeneldt
April 2015 Vivec Vivec God Temple
May 2015 Miraak First Dragonborn
June 2015 Skyrim Map of skyrim bintoenglish
July 2015 Sload Sload big
August 2015 Mjoll the Lioness TESV Character Mjoll
September 2015 Dragon Break Alduins Bane
October 2015 College of Winterhold Winterholdcollege
November 2015 Reman Empire
Reman Banner
December 2015 Aela the Huntress Aela Fires an Arrow
January 2016 Alessian Empire Alessia Statue
February 2016 Nordic Empire PotK Side
March 2016 Orsinium Orsinium Entrance
June 2017 The Scarlet Judge (Quest) The Scarlet Judge (Quest)
August 2017 Daedra TESIV Obliviongate2
October 2018 The Queen's Decree The Queen's Decree Olnewil