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This page is considered an official policy on TESWiki.

It has wide acceptance among editors and is considered a standard that everyone should follow. Except for minor edits, please make use of the discussion page to propose changes to this policy.

  1. Must contain all appropriate infoboxes, navigation templates, and categories.
  2. All or most notable and/or specifically named items, people, and locations must be wiki-linked to.
  3. The entire article must adhere to the styling sheet for that article type. If one does not exist, it must meet the current acceptable standard for articles of those types, as dictated by the editors and staff of the wiki.
  4. All contentious statements must be sourced according to our citation policy.
  5. All Console Command IDs must be verified either in-game with the construction set for that game.
  6. Articles about items, weapons, and armor, should have all damage, gold, and weight values verified via the construction set. All figures must be base value, unless comparison of maximum damage value is the goal of the section or article.
  7. Character articles must contain a full listing of all their dialogue. Quest related dialogue may be exempt from the page if the NPC is involved in a large number of quests. See Neloth (Dragonborn) as an example of what is expected for a Character Featured Article.
  8. Text and images in the article must not violate any current policy of the wiki or any policy that was in place at the time of the featured article nomination. If policy changes, the article must be re-reviewed to ensure it matches the featured article criteria.
  9. The infobox of the article (if present) must contain an image. Sufficient images should be spread throughout the article to help illustrate its paragraphs. A minimum of one image for short articles, two for medium articles, and three to five for large articles.
    1. Armor and weapon sets must contain images of each item in the set, in a gallery, as well as the uniform set (preferably in the infobox or at the top left of the article).
    2. 3D renders are advised for equipment articles. No article should have images that display the HUD or user interface unless those images are used to illustrate the HUD itself.
  10. The article must contain at least one {{quote}}, either at the beginning or beneath at least one header of the article. Additional quotes are optional. Numerous quotes are ill advised.
  11. Each sentence must be checked for grammar, spelling, and veracity. Articles should be written in third person indirect (in most cases), should be written as historical documents about the topic (except in instances of items, HUD, or game mechanics). Prose should be interesting to read and be completely unique verbiage not copied from another website, wiki, or text printed on paper. Additionally, it should have wide sentence variations and not overuse words (unless those words are key terms or the article's name).
  12. The article should have headers with meaningful names. "Trivia" and "Bugs" sections should not be copious or overly large. If the text under these headers is legitimate and has been verified or sourced, it should be framed by a collapsible table.
  13. Featured articles must contain a lead which, counting the introduction, be at least 1000 words long (not including captions, quotes, or headers, etc).
  14. External links should be minimal and only be relevant to the exact topic of the article.
  15. Should contain at least one link to a wiki where the article's topic has been translated into another language. Japanese, German, Spanish, and Italian wikis have the most content. This is only true for articles on prominent subjects such as Classes, skills, races, or high-profile characters.
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