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The Elder Scrolls Wiki has an IRC chat channel, which is located here.
If you would like to install an IRC client instead, follow Kaishiro's XChat Setup Guide
If you already have an IRC client installed, click here.

If you need to add The Elder Scrolls Wiki IRC chat channel to your IRC client, information is listed below.

If you have any problems with the IRC, please contact G0LD or email admin@xertion.org for help.

Server Ports SSL Ports Channel
irc.xertion.org 6660-6669, 7000 6697, 9998-9999 #TESWiki

Other TESWiki IRC channels

  • TESWiki – main IRC channel
  • TESWiki-RC – recent changes feed, reporting Special:RecentChanges to IRC
  • Staff IRC channel – For use by wiki and channel staff members


A Moot is a weekly meeting between users meant to efficiently discuss and vote on topics of importance. All Wikians are invited to attend and participate. The meetings will take place at 8PM (check your timezone to see changes)

For more info on the moot you can find it here, moots can also take place in Wikia chat.

Channel access

Certain users have "channel access," or "status" on our main IRC channel, for a variety of reasons. These users are recorded below.

Wiki staff

User Status Reason
Timeoin Mode owner.png {Founder} Bureaucrat
Cheatcodechamp Mode admin.png {Admin} Bureaucrat
Flightmare Mode admin.png {Admin} Administrator
Atvelonis Mode admin.png {Admin} Administrator
Emperor Jarjarkine (Zuko) Mode admin.png {Admin} Administrator
The Rim of the Sky (Rim) Mode op.png {Operator} Patroller
G0LD3NF1RE (G0LD) Mode owner.png {Founder} Chat Mod

Channel staff

User Status Reason
Master Sima Yi (Sima) Mode halfop.png {Half-operator} Channel staff - Trusted user
Amnestyyy (Nesty) Mode halfop.png {Half-operator} Wikia Helper


User Status Reason
Kaishiro Mode admin.png {Admin} Trusted user, IRC Network owner
Sactage (Firebolt) Mode admin.png {Admin} Trusted user, IRC bot operator


Bot name Status Task
Trixie Mode admin.png {Admin} Links to wiki pages
Aerith Mode admin.png {Admin} Enforcement/Search engine bot
Akatosh Mode admin.png {Admin} Channel management
Maiq Mode admin.png {Admin} Entertainment bot