This page is only for listing images which are duplicates or otherwise unneeded (duplicates, however, may be put for speedy deletion provided that they are unused and a link to the duplicate version is given). Articles that have been listed for more than one week are eligible for deletion if either a consensus to do so has been reached or no objections to its deletion have been raised. Such images should be dealt with as soon as possible.

Listing instructions and processEdit

  1. Always inform the uploader that their image is at imminent risk of deletion by adding a message to their talk page. You can use {{subst:idw|File name}} (replace "File name" with the name of the image or media).
  2. If you remove an image from an article, you should list the article from which you removed it, so there can be effective community review of whether or not the image should be deleted. This is necessary because image pages do not remember the articles the images used to be used on.
  3. Add the following message to the top of any image page listed on this page: {{ifd|reason}}, which shows up as:
Dialog-warning This file has been listed on The Elder Scrolls Wiki:Images and media for deletion.
Reason: < reason for deletion >
Please see that page for justifications and discussion. If you don't want the file deleted, please vote against its deletion there. Please do not remove this notice while the question is being considered. However, you are welcome to make improvements to it.
  1. On this page, simply add the image to the list at the bottom. State the reasons that the image should be deleted. Some people like to use the following abbreviations:
    • AB (absentee uploader) – the uploader has not contributed to TESWiki in a long time, and is probably unavailable to answer questions.
    • CV (copyright violation) – the image might be used in violation of copyright, or else there is no copyright info provided
    • NE (not English) – the image contains text that is not English.
    • NS (no source) – image does not contain source and copyright info
    • OB (obsolete) – the image has been replaced by a better version. If it is an obsoleted image, also list the image that it is obsoleted by, in the format "[[:File:Foo.jpg]] - obsoleted by [[:File:Bar.jpg]]".
    • OF (out-of-focus) – the image is blurry.
    • OR (orphan) – the image is not used on any pages in TESWiki.
    • UE (unencyclopedic) – the image doesn't seem likely to be useful in an encyclopedia
    • UV (unverified) – image does not contain source and copyright info
      Please sign any listing or vote you add, by adding this after your comment: ~~~~
  2. After an image is deleted by an administrator, the listing will be removed.


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