Code Language Name Articles Created Wikia?
en English The Elder Scrolls Wiki 66,868 3/28/2006 (The OblivioWiki, which later merged with TESWiki, was allegedly created on 5/7/2005.) Yes
pl Polish Elder Scrolls Wiki 44,100 11/24/2009 Yes
ru Russian The Elder Scrolls Wiki 21,782 2/12/2006 Yes
de German The ElderScrolls-Wiki 18,111 7/17/2008 Yes
fr French The Elder Scrolls Wiki 11,443 11/14/2011 Yes
es Spanish Elder Scrolls Wiki 8,081 4/22/2007 Yes
it Italian The Elder Scrolls Wiki ITALIA 2,526 9/5/2011 Yes
uk Ukrainian The Elder Scrolls Wiki Ukrainian 1,715 3/1/2013 Yes
be Belarusian The Elder Scrolls Wikia 1,161 7/12/16 Yes
ja Japanese The Elder Scrolls Wiki 1,151 4/1/2012 Yes
nl Dutch Elder Scrolls Wiki 517 6/25/2008 Yes
cs Czech The Elder Scrolls Wiki 487 11/14/2011 Yes
pt Portuguese (Brazilian) Elder Scrolls Portugal 375 5/4/2008 Yes
fi Finnish Elder Scrolls Finland Wiki 287 12/27/2011 Yes
sv Swedish Elder Scrolls Wikia 103 9/10/2015 Yes
hu Hungarian The Elder Scrolls Wiki 72 8/10/2014 Yes
th Thai The Elder Scrolls Wiki 50 7/14/2016 Yes
id Indonesian Elder Scrolls Indonesia Wiki 44 6/1/2015 Yes
no Norwegian (Bokmål)‬ Elder Scrolls wiki 37 5/30/2008 Yes
da Danish The Elder Scrolls Wikia 26 3/20/2016 Yes
zh Chinese The Elder Scrolls 25 6/25/2012 Yes
tr Turkish Elder Scrolls Wiki Türkiye 24 2/23/2014 Yes
is Icelandic The Elder Scrolls Wiki 11 7/27/2014 Yes
hy Armenian The Elder Scrolls Wiki 9 3/21/2016 Yes


Code Language Name Articles Created Wikia?
tl Tagalog Wiki ng The Elder Scrolls 9 9/15/2015 Yes
ka Georgian Elderscrolls Wiki 4 12/9/2014 Yes

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