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"Member of the Month" is used to give credit to users on the Elder Scrolls wiki.
Becoming Member of the Month will give you an incredible amount of bragging rights and a whole Fishy stick!
The member of the month is decided with a vote system—anyone can vote.


  1. Members of the month must be registered.
  2. Nominees must be active.
  3. Anyone nominated must have a minimum of 500 mainspace contributions.
  4. Administrators cannot be nominated.
  5. Candidates must be respectful and polite to the community.
  6. Nominations cannot take place until after the 12th of that month.
  7. Members can only receive the award once.
  8. A nominee is permitted to be lacking in one of the above requirements if they make up for it with other talents or contributions.


To make a nomination, use this page.

Past "Members of the Month"

Year Month Date nominated Nominator Recipient
2011 September September 23rd Kacj321 Anonnnomoose
September (2) September 29th Kacj321 Chompskylor
October October 6th Kacj321 Lolzzzman
November October 12th Lolzzzman Aleksandr the Great
December November 10th Kacj321 G0LD3NF1RE
2012 January December 30th Zluhcs Deyvid Petteys
February January 29th Neguy71inok HaLo2FrEeEk
March February 11th Elchzard Flightmare
April March 19th Deyvid Petteys Jimeee
May April 25th Jimeee Kennyannydenny
June May 25th Jimeee GramsJ
July June 28th HaLo2FrEeEk Dar'Rajhin
August July 18th Senjai Cheatcodechamp
September August 28th Cheatcodechamp Jaymz6
October August 31st Gleekobsessed Balagog gro-Nolob
November October 17th Jimeee EbonySkyrim
December November 11th Kennyannydenny Zimakaru
2013 January December 1st Cheatcodechamp DarthOrc
February January 28th The Real Guide Shockstorm
March February 21st EbonySkyrim AutoBlood
April March 28th Longdead97 PsijicThief
May April 26th TombRaiser Kroq-gar78
June May 26th Kroq-gar78 Eganogard
July June 28th EbonySkyrim FaceOfJanus
August July 29th Kroq-gar78 Chairmanprescott6179
September–December N/A
2014 January–August N/A
September September 14th Balagog gro-Nolob Ghost Anubis
October October 23rd Ghost Anubis Fire Wolf Pup
November–December N/A
2015 January N/A
February December 7th Greeno200 Atvelonis
March February 21st Cheatcodechamp The Rim of the Sky
April March 15th The Rim of the Sky Gaminomicon
May April 25th Gaminomicon Starkiller131
June May 14th The Rim of the Sky Hbxn
July June 8th Starkiller131
August July 7th Hbxn The Cat Master
September August 15th Cheatcodechamp Louise 069
October September 15th The Cat Master Bronkiin
November October 21st Atvelonis Dovahsebrom
December N/A
2016 January–December N/A
2017 January January 13th Atvelonis CarloV3r
February N/A
March March 10th CarloV3r Rupuzioks
April April 10th CarloV3r Kora Stormblade
May May 13th CarloV3r Vincentius1
June June 26th CarloV3r Aramithius
July–December N/A
2018 January N/A
February February 14th The Cat Master The Crusader of Truth
March March 30th Ottoman Hold FrisyN
April April 27th Vincentius1 Rozty
May June 3rd Atvelonis TinyClayMan
June–September N/A
October October 19th Rozty Thifike
November–December N/A
2019 January–December N/A
2020 January–June N/A