Forum Moderators, or Discussions Moderators are wiki users who keep watch over the Forums and the Discussions by making sure topics are posted in the correct forum, removing inappropriate threads, editing out image violations, helping users by answering questions, checking the reported posts window, and various other tasks. Users must apply or be nominated for their position, and be voted in by the community via consensus. Moderators are given rollback user-rights, which allows them to edit other users' comments.


  • Keeping watch over the Forums and the Discussions by locking and/or deleting inappropriate topics and posts.
  • Editing out policy violations (image uploads, pyramid quotes) from user topics and posts.
  • Moving threads to the correct Forum board or Discussions category.
  • Tagging Forum threads with a correct topic.
  • Monitoring the "Reported Posts" window for both legitimate and malicious reports.
  • Reporting vandalism to the notice board or notifying an admin on the IRC or on their talk page. In the event that an admin is unable to block a vandal, place {{warning}} on the vandal's talk page. This may discourage further vandalism.
  • Maintain an overall mature and friendly demeanor when interacting with other users.
  • Practice diplomacy when users make mistakes.
  • Diffusing hostile situations on both the Forums and the Discussions.
  • Pointing new users to policies and guidelines when necessary.
  • Remaining in contact with other staff through the wiki's official Slack channel.

Maintaining moderator status

  • Moderators who have not participated on the Forums or Discussions in exactly 30 days are considered inactive, and will no longer be displayed on our staff list unless they can prove the have made a steady return.
  • Moderators who have gone "rogue" and turned into obvious vandals will have their moderator status removed automatically. They can petition to have it returned on the consensus track forum.
  • Moderators who are inactive will lose their moderator rights. To request that a user be relieved of their moderator status due to abuse, please petition on the consensus track forum. Additionally, a moderator can request to resign their moderator right if they wish.

List of moderators

Active moderators

Past moderators

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The minimum requirements for becoming a moderator are:...

  • … You must have been contributing to the Forum and/or the Discussions for a period of at least three months; you must also be an active participant in the Forums and/or Discussions, preferably both.
  • … You must possess a minimum of 500 mainspace edits.
  • … You have not been site-blocked or chat-banned for a period of at least three months.
  • … You must be familiar with the wiki's editing policies and practices.
  • … The majority of your posts are not in Off-Topic and Role-Playing boards, and should be of courteous nature.
  • … Gain the support of other community members and administrators.
  • … Have been seen to be helpful around the wiki.

Exceptions to these rules can be made, but never assume you are the exception to the rules.


Applications or nominations should be posted here.

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