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  • TinyClayMan – Pets' and mounts' articles' names' change
  • TinyClayMan – Various Online Books categories removal + Summary section discussion
  • Rozty – Clarification of header use for Online character dialogue and conversations
  • Atvelonis – Condensing the innumerable and functionally identical ESO DLC templates into a smaller number of templates ({{OnlineCharacters}}, {{OnlineLocations}}, {{OnlineQuests}}, etc.) and using a similar format to {{Book}} in order to make the templates add the correct DLC-specific categories
  • Finelia – Removing the section Characteristics section on Breton as per the notice, unless otherwise resolved by then.
  • Rozty – Adding reference for pages using the {{Mo}} template in the Appearances section, in order for further clarification.


  • Splitting ESO pets and mount into two different articles, as long as they are different. Passed 9-0-0.
  • Proposal to remove Category:Online: Lorebooks. Passed 8-0-0.
  • Proposal to remove ==Summary== from book pages and replace it with ==Locations== and ==Quests==, where applicable. Passed 8-0-0.
  • Vote to add references to uses of {{Mo}}. Passed 9-0-0.
  • Proposal to remove personality section from Breton. Passed 6-2-0.
  • Proposal to use ==Dialogue== for NPC w/ player, ==Conversations== for NPC w/ NPC, and ==Quotes== for general things the NPC says. Additionally, we would use the semicolon for the subheaders for Conversations instead of ===. 8-0-0.
  • Vote to move all ESO DLCs into a single template per topic. For example, merging {{OnlineCharacters}} with {{ESOMorrowindCharacters}}. Passed 9-0-0.
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