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  • TinyClayMan – ESO (and dlcs) Armor and Weapon templates renewal
  • TinyClayMan – ESO (and dlcs) Creature template renewal
  • TinyClayMan – ESO (and dlcs) Location template addition
  • (Large) dialogue boxes formatting Blademaster Jauffre (talk) 11:34, June 9, 2018 (UTC)
  • Atvelonis – Blades infobox coloration
  • Atvelonis – Notice template for articles with Wikia featured videos
  • Amulet of Kings - Include video guides for quest pages. We haven't had a good experience with videos in the wiki, but they are a popular media that could attract people. Videos should be concise and follow certain rules.


  • For {{OnlineArmor}} (and DLC templates), rename the variable "additional effects" to "enchantment," and remove the variable "upgrade material" (6-1-0)
  • For {{OnlineWeapons}} (and DLC templates), rename the variable "additional effects" to "enchantment," remove the variables "upgrade material" and "level," and add the variable "type." (6-1-0)
  • For {{OnlineCreatures}} (and DLC templates), remove the variables "magic," "stamina," "armor," "spells," and "damage," and add the variable "attacks." (6-0-0)
  • For {{OnlineQuests}} (and DLC templates), begin classifying faction quests as such in the "type" parameter, as well as using a category for this, comparable to the category Skyrim: Dark Brotherhood Quests. (6-0-0)
  • We decided in a moot in December 2016 to update some of the game infoboxes, which was finally done on the day of the moot. However, we agreed to continue using #111111 for The Elder Scrolls Online infoboxes instead of changing them to #49473E as had been decided previously. (6-0-0)
    • This was permitted as it was considered a minor change to a previous larger moot decision (changing multiple infoboxes), rather than a reversal of a previous decision.
  • When we create infoboxes for The Elder Scrolls: Blades, they will use the hex color code #D99058. A list of game colors may be found here. (5-0-1)
  • We agreed to create a {{WikiaVideos}} notice template to use on any articles which contain one of Wikia's "featured videos." The notice will contain a brief disclaimer on our part, explaining to users that the video is produced by the company and may not contain the most up-to-date or accurate information about the topic. (6-0-0)
  • The possibility of creating video walkthroughs for quests was brought up as well, but was ultimately decided against.
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