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Log[edit source]

Agenda[edit source]

  • TinyClayMan – adding autocategorization based on the gender and race of the character for all games similar to DLC autocategorization already used in Online pages.
  • TinyClayMan – Khajiit subraces in the character infobox (and automatically adding them).
  • DaBarkspawn – see SF:LOCAT for Lore Pages.

Changes[edit source]

  • The relevant categories in infoboxes that have the race and gender parameters will be now generated automatically, instead of inputting these manually. Races and genders will also be listed out instead of written as "varies"/similar. (10-0-0)
  • Khajiit subraces from The Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr will now be added in the race parameter in infoboxes and automatically categorized like in the change noted above. (6-2-0)
  • A rewrite plan for SF:LOCAT for Lore Pages has been approved, with the following changes (6-1-0):
    • 5) Where possible, sections should consist of text written from the combined research of several sources, rather than just summaries of a single book or questline. References to dialogue are preferred to just citing a questline.
    • Point 6) was removed because it was covered by 2).
  • Maps with Skyshard locations shown by an add-on will not be used on general articles, but such maps can be generated for the Skyshard page in particular. (5-1-0).
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