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Log[edit source]

Agenda[edit source]

  • Rozty – Renaming the "Appearance" section used to describe the outward appearance of a NPC, as it too closely resembles the "Appearances" section. (example)
  • Atvelonis – Re-adding the "Appearances" section to quest articles.
  • Rupuzioks – Stop using {{CardTooltip}} template, since it doesn't work as intended even on PC.

Changes[edit source]

  • Remove the "Appearance" header on most character/creature articles if the contents of the header can reasonably be fit in the lede, and leave it only if the appearance requires more space to describe, or should otherwise not be in the lede, e.g. if it is a relatively unimportant aspect of an important character's biography. The placement of the header will be described in the style and formatting guide. (7-0-0)
  • Re-add the "Appearances" section at the bottom of quest articles, for redundant user understanding, standardized usage of the game for data purposes, and in accordance with standardized practice in other sub-pages of the style guide. (5-2-0)
  • Remove instances of the {{CardTooltip}} template from mainspace articles, as it is broken on desktop and doesn't display at all on mobile. (7-0-0)
  • Add appropriately-lengthed ledes to book articles for SEO and reader comprehension purposes. At a minimum, these leads should contain the name of the book, a subject link, and the game that it's in. Editors may also add very short summaries of the focal points of the books, but should not write full synopses. (6-0-0)
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