6/27/15[edit source]

  • A new code that adds a "report" option in page histories.
  • Guild projects will be given to assist in driving the guilds. Jobs will be given and guild members can complete them for points.
  • Archiving nominations for Good and Featured articles to keep a record of every past nominations.
  • Votes taken during the moot must have a two-thirds majority approval. Tight votes may be taken to a CT to better address it if need be.
  • The Morrowind and Lore guilds will be working together on our lore articles to raise their standards
  • Creating of a special shortcut to assist in finding the Project:Moot page.
  • New forum board for topics relating to speculation of future games.

7/4/15[edit source]

  • Continue during 2 link Disambig articles into lore articles.

7/11/15[edit source]

  • Our wiki will continue to support the Interwiki project.
  • We voted on an issue relating to a past CT. We are returning to the past policy where trivia needs to be sourced.

7/18/15[edit source]

  • 5 support, 0 oppose for creating a TES template.
  • Half the Moot's will be open floors to prevent burn out and maintain subjects of discussion.
  • Relax the policy for Moot leaders. Instead of waiting several weeks, the rule is now that they cant be moot leader twice in a row.
  • Removal of Dovahcore Helmet article, and placing it on the Mods wiki.
  • Soft redirect to mods wiki.
  • Boosting the Moots footprint on the wiki with hopes of increasing activity.

7/25/15[edit source]

  • A plan to improve layout on ingredient articles like the one on the Crimson Nirnroot (Skyrim) article. 6 support, 0 oppose. The code for the table was taken from the Russian wiki.
  • A plan to improve the "for" and "confuse" templates. 7 support, 0 oppose
  • We are going to give Chatmod rights to patrollers who wish to have them to counter this problem. We are also going to work on minimizing confusion over what rights this wikis staff have.

8/8/15[edit source]

  • We approved the marking of inactive staff 5-0. Both approved editors will be marked as retired and have their color removed.
  • We are going to look into adding new emotes, mainly the fishy stick and perhaps mead
  • We decided with a 5-1-2 vote to start a quote of the week.
  • We will be doing more to make use of our news team.

8/15/15[edit source]

  • We went over our need for mods, and how G0LD3NF1RE has the info needed to train them.
  • We discussed our need to get Bethesda directly involved if we are to win the food battle.
  • We also discussed how next year, when it is time to nominate a new food, we will not use the sweet roll.
  • Modifying the The Elder Scrolls Wiki:FeaturedImages to allow editors to nominate an image.

9/5/15[edit source]

  • We discussed the news team updates, and some potential members that should join.
  • We agreed to attempt to work on and put into practice a tabber system on articles, this will allow images to be seem on one infobox from multiple games. (4-2-0)
  • We will see if we can get a bot to patrol Louis' new articles, most of them still marked as un-patrolled. The large number of articles would make it a long project to do manually.
  • MOTM Template 7-0
  • Foreign elder scroll wiki editors 6-0

9/12/15[edit source]

  • We agreed to add a scroll box the the Moot page, then we will archive it periodically.
  • For security, highly important templates will be locked to admin only, and all popular ones from anons.
  • We are going to attempt to add a new award system, giving special notice to editors who add to the wiki.
  • We discussed the moots time, and felt that the current time works long term for most people in the community, we are open to discussion should this change.
  • When editing a quest walk-through, you can refer to the player as "you", as well as the current "player" "the hero" ect. 5-1-1
  • MOTM nominations can't be made until the 12th.
  • We lifted the personal image ban from three to five. This means you can have up to three images added to the wiki for your own use on your profile.

9/26/15[edit source]

  • We agreed to add "TESW" as an alternate shortcut.
  • We agreed on adding the voting template icons for CTs to chat at emoticons (+) (-) (=). These will not necessarily replace (y) and (n), but may be used as an alternative.
  • We decided to make an update to the {{Information}} template, as it was created in 2009 and was last updated in 2012.
  • Users who work significantly on an article which later receives Good or Featured Article status may add a customizable userbox-sized template saying so to their profile. Users may also grant them a larger template to show their appreciation on their talk page.

10/03/15[edit source]

  • A new staff template listing all staff members, meant mainly for use on staff profiles to list all current staff. Passed 6-0.
  • Oblivion loading screen tips should be organized using adecided on broad category formatting. Passed 6-0.
  • Reformatting the old quote of the week articles from '09.
  • Due to some continued concern about moot time, we have agreed to do a CT and see if we can't find a better time. This was passed 6-1-1.
  • We brought up the topic of naming authors in the reference, some saying this was unneeded. This vote resulted in a 3-2-2 break, and we decided 7-1 to move this to a CT.

10/10/15[edit source]

  • We agreed 7-1 to change away template. The image is being moved from the away bubble to a ship.
  • 5-1-0 to rename Quote of the week to featured quote.
  • 6-1-0 For Tims project. See here more more details
  • We will contact Brokiin to start the time CT for a four hour change for the Moot. Those who vote are not only saying yes to that change, but are saying that they can and will be active in the moots.

10/18/15[edit source]

  • We voted 8-1-0 to expand our Skyrim perks articles. Some perks do not have articles and we felt it should be an all or nothing kind of deal, we went with all.
  • We now ask for 500 positive edits in one space of the wiki instead of mainspace only. A positive edit is a edit the helps other editors or guest to be MOTM. So RP's, talk page, or profile edits (and things similar to these) do not count as positive edits.
  • Move Wikipedia to Project:Wikipedia. (6-4-0).
  • It was again brought up that we should add the featured image and quote to the Main Page. After discussing things, it was voted on that we add them underneath the news. This passed (9-1-1)
  • Start Project:Featured Poll (7-3-0)
  • A CT is coming up regarding chat policy, keep an eye out for that.

10/31/15[edit source]

  • Moots will now have brief follow ups on items from the previous week. 9-0
  • 2-link disambigs have been on this wiki for some time, mainly because despite them being marked to be deleted, we have never finished the doing so. Some of them, despite being marked, have use. We discussed it, and we have decided that deleting this disambigs is not of the best practice. We decided to revert this policy 10-0. All two link disambigs are now allowed, but we will continue to attempt to make as much use out of them as possible.
  • We discussed articles that where marked as needing to be split, and handled the following articles.
    • Netch (Dragonborn) -Keep as is.
    • White Rose Prison -Split (Shadowkey)
    • Bone Break Fever -Split (Oblvion and Skyrim)
    • Mysterious Note -Split
    • Troll (Oblivion) -Keep as is, but create articles for Uderfrykte Matron and Painted Troll
    • Poison of Separation -Redirected due to policy
    • Dragon Armor (Skyrim) -Split (Dragonplate armor and Dragonscale armor)
    • Ring of Phynaster -Split (Arena and Morrowind)
    • Achievements (Online) -Split into sub-pages
    • Aldmeri Dominion Quests -No to Split
    • Berserk -Split into three articles by game.
  • We will be working on lore achievements. 7-0

11/14/15[edit source]

11/21/15[edit source]

We handled more maintenance today, and I want to point out that our high point of those involved was about 4 or 5 people. The number of people in the moot is highly important, as reduce numbers limit what is said, and what we can do to fix it.

  • We handled the following moves:
    • Rename Blades (Lore)
    • Rename Alchemy Recipes (Online)
    • Rename Mournhold Temple (Lore)

11/28/15[edit source]

  • We will revamp the The Things to do page to be easy to read, find projects, and find other task list from the wiki to search for projects to assist with. (5-1)
  • We discussed three editors who are inactive, and their status as staff members here.
    • SleepingIII is a member of our News Team, and has been inactive since 02:57, April 28, 2015. We agreed that we should be retired. 7-1-0
    • High Goddess Venus-Afrodite-Finelia (Also known as "Queen Finelia" or "Fin") is a Chat-Mod in our Live! Chat. Her last edit was 23:16, October 29, 2015. Not only did some say that her inactivity was a concern, but some also questioned how she handled her role as moderator in the first palce. She was retired from her position 6-1-0.

12/12/15[edit source]

  • We talked about the "Discussions" feature and Wikia Staff Member BertH was there to answer our questions and everything. That was supported something 8-0-0.
  • Rim brought up the thing to move the page from Kurog gro-Orsinium to King Kurog because that was his updated name. 6-0-0.
  • We're supposed to be updating book templates from the separate ones to {{Book}}. If people are going to update them themselves they should consult someone who knows how they work to figure out how to do it correctly.
  • Flight also updated {{Incomplete}}, so now you can do {{Incomplete|Skyrim}}, {{Incomplete|Online}}, etc.

12/19/15[edit source]

  • Due to past drama and events, we no longer allow dating in chat. If two editors do start a relationship, we ask that it is kept a private matter.
  • New userbox for raffle winners.
  • We will take Nav boxes and improve them by making them collapsible, this should assist those on mobile devices. Jarjarkine will handle the update. 6-0
  • We discussed future raffles and contest to bring to the community, and any involvement it might have with other wikis or groups. We all agreed that we should do more events in the future. 6-0
  • We have decided that in order to reduce confusion, we will only use "anonymous" when Authors name is not written. 5-0
  • Jarjarkine is working on a new code that will assist us in looking at newer edits faster by adding a link to the icons in the recent edits box to the most recent change made. (requires follow up in later moot)

12/26/15[edit source]

  • We decided to work on the alliances section mentioned on the factions page and to clear up the differences between joinable and non-joinable factions.
  • We decided to only document non-randomized characters in Daggerfall, as there are tens of thousands of generic, randomized ones.
  • We decided to start using the specialized image icons on infoboxes for Online articles, such as Trueflame, rather than the ouroboros.

1/2/16[edit source]

  • We have found list of unofficial mods for Morrowind and Oblivion. This content needs to be removed, and we shouldcontacted our Mod sibling site to inform them of this info should they need or want it. 7-0
  • We need an article for semi-official mods that where approved by Bethesda. These mods are not canon, but do have more official standing then normal mods. We need to start one article to cover these mods 5-1-0
  • We discussed our "Expand" template. We voted 6-1-0 to remove this template.
  • We are now going to have Comprehensive articles. These are articles that are finished, but too small to be Good or Featured Articles.
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