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**[[Ultherus Swamp]] - Merge
**[[Ultherus Swamp]] - Merge
**[[Mor Khazgur Mine]] - Merge
**[[Mor Khazgur Mine]] - Merge
*We will revamp the [[The Elder Scrolls Wiki:Things to do|The Things to do]] page to be easy to read, find projects, and find other task list from the wiki to search for projects to assist with. (5-1)
*We discussed three editors who are inactive, and their status as staff members here.
**<strike>SleepingIII is a member of our News Team, and has been inactive since 02:57, April 28, 2015. We agreed that we should be retired. 7-1-0</strike>
**<strike>High Goddess Venus-Afrodite-Finelia (Also known as "Queen Finelia" or "Fin") is a Chat-Mod in our Live! Chat. Her last edit was 23:16, October 29, 2015. Not only did some say that her inactivity was a concern, but some also questioned how she handled her role as moderator in the first palce. She was retired from her position 6-1-0.</strike>
*<strike>We talked about the "Discussions" feature and Wikia Staff Member BertH was there to answer our questions and everything. That was supported something 8-0-0.</strike>
*<strike>Rim brought up the thing to move the page from Kurog gro-Orsinium to [[King Kurog]] because that was his updated name. 6-0-0.</strike>
*We're supposed to be updating book templates from the separate ones to {{tl|Book}}. If people are going to update them themselves they should consult someone who knows how they work to figure out how to do it correctly.
*[[User:Flightmare|Flight]] also updated {{tl|Incomplete}}, so now you can do <nowiki>{{Incomplete|Skyrim}}</nowiki>, <nowiki>{{Incomplete|Online}}</nowiki>, etc.
*Due to past drama and events, we no longer allow dating in chat. If two editors do start a relationship, we ask that it is kept a private matter.
*New userbox for raffle winners.
*We will take Nav boxes and improve them by making them collapsible, this should assist those on mobile devices. Jarjarkine will handle the update. 6-0
*We discussed future raffles and contest to bring to the community, and any involvement it might have with other wikis or groups. We all agreed that we should do more events in the future. 6-0
*We have decided that in order to reduce confusion, we will only use "anonymous" when Authors name is not written. 5-0
*Jarjarkine is working on a new code that will assist us in looking at newer edits faster by adding a link to the icons in the recent edits box to the most recent change made. (requires follow up in later moot)
*We decided to work on the alliances section mentioned on the factions page and to clear up the differences between joinable and non-joinable factions.
*We decided to only document non-randomized characters in Daggerfall, as there are tens of thousands of generic, randomized ones.
*We decided to start using the specialized image icons on infoboxes for Online articles, such as Trueflame, rather than the ouroboros.
*We have found list of unofficial mods for Morrowind and Oblivion. This content needs to be removed, and we shouldcontacted our Mod sibling site to inform them of this info should they need or want it. 7-0
*We need an article for semi-official mods that where approved by Bethesda. These mods are not canon, but do have more official standing then normal mods. We need to start one article to cover these mods 5-1-0
*We discussed our "Expand" template. We voted 6-1-0 to remove this template.
*We are now going to have Comprehensive articles. These are articles that are finished, but too small to be Good or Featured Articles.
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