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Help for players[]

  • If playing as a Warden - get the first passive, and use Dive. It counts as a "summoned pet", and thus you'll get health for using the skill.
  • To do the daily quests (world bosses/delves), you'll need to finish the first main quest. Then the quests will be available just north of Vivec's palace in the Hall of Justice. Ashlander dailies will require you to do the Ashlander questline


Placing at top for findability: The quest givers for Fighters Guild, Mages Guild, Dark Brotherhood, and Thieves Guild, wont appear in-game in Vvardenfell until AFTER the completion of the Morrowind storyline. (I.e. until you're officially Champion of Vivec).

  • List of quests, and locations.
  1. e.g. - A Hidden Harvest - Seyda Neen (Online) and Zainsipilu (Online)

At Any Cost:

Quests by location[]

  • Daedric Disruptions -
  • Repeatable Quest in Ashalmawia (Online) - Worm Cultists
  • Disrupt the Dark Ritual
  • Discript the Ritual of Knowledge
  • Disrupt the Dremora Worship Ritual
  • Disrupt the Clannfear Feast

Main Quests[]

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Numani-Rasi's quests:

Complete all Daily Quests for Numan-Rasi

  1. Relics of Yasammidan: Yasammidan (Online)
  2. Relics of Assarnatamat Assarnatamat (Online)
  3. Relics of Maelkashishi Maelkashishi (Online)
  4. Relics of Ashurnabitashpi Ashurnabitashpi
  5. Relics of Ebernanit Ebernanit (Online)
  6. Relics of Dushariran Dushariran (Online)
  7. Relics of Ashalmawia Ashalmawia (Online)


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  • Balmora
  • Ald'ruhn
    • Tel Mora
  • Tel Branora
  • Vos
  • Ashlander Camps
    • etc.
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(Including ones from other games) Bestiary:


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  • Add members of each faction, and categories.


(Ancestral Tombs Hunter Achievement): (linking to base page for linkability)



12 Rare Fish:


Strider Caravaner:

Pilgrim's Path:

  • Shrine of Humility; Daring; Generosity; Courtesy; Justice; Valor; Pride

36 Lessons: (near)

Daedric Explorer: Visit all Daedric Ruins in Vvardenfell:

  1. Kushtashpi (Online)
  2. Esutanamus (Online)
  3. Yansirramus (Online)
  4. Anudnabia (Online)
  5. Kaushtarari (Online)
  6. Tusenend (Online)
  7. Shashpilamat (Online)
  8. Almurbalarammi (Online)
  9. Zaintiraris (Online)
  10. Bal Fell (Online)
  11. Ald Sotha (Online)
  12. Bal Ur (Online)
  13. Ashurnibibi (Online)
  14. Ashalmimilkala (Online)
  15. Addadshashanammu (Online)
  16. Dushariran (Online)
  17. Yasammidan (Online)
  18. Zergonipal (Online)
  19. Ashalmawia (Online)
  20. Ashurnabitashpi
  21. Assarnatamat (Online)
  22. Maelkashishi (Online)
  23. Ebernanit (Online)
  24. Ashunartes (Online)
  25. Ramimilk (Online)

Defender of Morrowind: Defeat all 6 World Bosses:

  1. Kimbrudhil the Songbird
  2. Salothan and his Council
  3. the Queen's Consort
  4. Nilthog the Unbroken
  5. Wuyuvus the Hunger
  6. Mehz the Cozener

Forgotten Wastes Champions:

  1. Voracity
  2. Mynar Igna
  3. Beckoner Morvayn
  4. Coaxer Veran, Castigator Athin, Confessor Dradas
  5. Cliff Strider Matriarch
    • Group Event: Defeat Stone-Boiler Omalas, Brander Releth, and Mountain-Caller Hlaren
  • Morrowind Cave Delver:
  1. Khartag Point (Online)
  2. Ashalmawia (Online)
  3. Zainsipilu (Online)
  4. Matus-Akin Egg Mine (Online)
  5. Pulk (Online)
  6. Nchuleft (Online)

Morrowind Pathfinger (Discover all Striking Locales)

  1. Yasammidan (Online)
  2. Ashalmimilkala (Online)
  3. Shrine of Azura (Online)
  4. Holamayan Monastery (Online)
  5. Ald Sotha (Online)
  6. Hanud Tower (Hanud (Online))
  7. Aleft (Online)
  8. Falensarano (Online) - Falensarano Ruins)
  9. Valenvaryon (Online)


  • Unknown boss


  1. Renduril the Hammer and Friar Hadelar
  2. Guardian of Bthark
  3. Mud-Tusk
  4. Nilarion the Cavalier
  5. Steamreaver

Group Event:

  1. Nchulaeon the Eternal
  • Salothan's Cursebreaker (10 points)
  1. Defeat Orator Salothan; Regent Beleth, General Tanasa, and Councilor Raynis at Salothan's Council
  • Songbird Silencer:
  1. Defeat the Nereid Kimbrudhil the Songbird at Shipwreck Cove
  • Wuyuvus Slayer:
  1. Defeat Wuyuvus the Hunger at Sulipund Grange

Ashlander Relic Preserver:

Ashlands Stalker: (Daily Hunts for Huntmaster Sorim-Nakar)

  1. Great Zexxin Hunt
  2. Tarra-Suj Hunt
  3. Writhing Sveeth Hunt
  4. Mother Jagged-Claw Hunt
  5. Ash-Eater Hunt
  6. Old Stomper Hunt
  7. King Razor-Tusk Hunt

Bearer of the Blessed Staff:

  1. Recover the BLessed Staff, Sunna'rah, from the Ashlander, and determine the true nature of the threat to Lord Vivec.
  • Kwama Miner:
    • Save Gnisis' economic future by resoring their kwama mine.
  • Help Naryu Virian and the Morag Tong in and around Balmora.
  • Rising Sun:


A total of 18 Skyshards:

  • At a small shrine where the road foks.
  • On an isle facing the Sea of Ghosts
  • On a Dwemer overhang, above a river of lava.
  • On an outcropping overlooking a grisly scene
  • In a hollow stump on the wetlands
  • Withheld at customs and stored in the yard. - Seyda Neen, where Fargoth's Ring was located.
  • In a stump on the northern shore of Lake Amaya.
  • In the heart of crumbling Daedric ruins
  • On a stranded rock in a river of lava
  • Beneath the Dwarven bridge
  • On a treacherous path overlooking a sea of fire.
  • Heaped onto a cart of stone left on a precarious perch
  • Nestled with glittering treasures where the red crystals glow
  • Hidden deep within a shrine to the prince of Corruption
  • Where cliff-striders bask under golden rays in their den
  • On an islet in the subterranean lake
  • In a cozy bandit's den
  • In the deepest depths of a suberranean Dwemer ruin


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Easter Eggs[]


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  2. The Rim of the Sky
  3. Shockstorm

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'''Character''' is a [[Race (Online)|Race]] in [[Location (Online)|Location]] on [[Vvardenfell (Online)|Vvardenfell]].

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'''Creature''' is a [[Creatures (Online)|creature]] in [[Location (Online)|Location]] on [[Vvardenfell (Online)|Vvardenfell]].

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''' ''' is a location that appears in {{ESO Morrowind}}.

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==Notable items==
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''' ''' is a faction that appears in {{ESO Morrowind}}.

==Known members==

==Known locations==

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''' ''' is a quest that takes place in (location) in the region of [[Vvardenfell (Online)|Vvardenfell]].

==Quick walkthrough==
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