The TESWiki News Team is a group of hand-picked TESWikians who provide well written news updates which feature on the Main Page. News on the wiki can range from information released about a new game or content, to major events here on the wiki. The News Team also acts as archivist, making sure that not only are events like the Moot record, but that the changes are put into place. The News Team and the TESWiki ensure high quality news updates to its community. Anyone may apply to the News Team, but must show that they have an understanding of English grammar and of the subjects they write on.

News TeamEdit

Active membersEdit

Past news team membersEdit

Expectations of News Team membersEdit

  1. Active seeking of information.
  2. Correct and coherent use of English.
  3. Use of proper wiki-formatting and familiarity with the policies and guidelines.
  4. Writing original content to represent information found elsewhere.
  5. Sourcing this information correctly, using references.
  6. Operating the wiki's social media accounts.
  7. Remaining in contact with other staff through the wiki's official Slack channel.

Active seeking of informationEdit

The most important task of the news editor is keeping track of any development or new leads on upcoming TES games and patches. This includes, but is not limited to: The Elder Scrolls Online, The Elder Scrolls: Legends, and The Elder Scrolls: Blades.

Correct and coherent use of EnglishEdit

Just as in any wiki article, correct and coherent use of English is important, so that a reader can fully understand what a news story is communicating.

Use of proper wiki-formatting and familiarity with the policies and guidelinesEdit

Again, this is important for clarity to the reader. A nicely laid out news article with properly position images is far easier to interpret than one in which text has random line-breaks, and images are in unconventional places. News team members must be familiar with the wiki's policies and guidelines in general, but familiarity with the blog policy in particular is essential.

Writing original content to represent information found elsewhereEdit

Any news articles which have been copied in their entirety from the original source, and pasted directly into a blog WILL NOT be accepted as official news on TESWiki. Members of the News Team must write their own content to represent the information they have found, in a manner which would appeal to a TESWiki audience. This information must also be sourced in the correct manner, using references, as is done on all standard wiki-articles.

Applying to the TESWiki News TeamEdit

Anyone may apply, provided they can display that they are in conformity with all 7 of the points outlined above.

Applications should be made here, to be reviewed by an administrator.


If an editor wishes to be a part of the news team, but feels that he/she does not yet conform with each of the seven points above, they are highly encouraged to seek help. Chat is a great place to start, and the talkpages of Administrators are always ready for inquiry on something specific.

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