The staff is currently undergoing re-evaluations, per community consensus. Here, active members of the community will be asked to judge our current patroller force on their activity levels. Some questions to consider before voting are:

  1. Has this user maintained high activity levels throughout all or most of their time as patroller?
  2. Has this user made regular and sufficient use of the tools granted to them, such as the rollback tool?
  3. Has this user been active in patrolling Special:RecentChanges, Special:Newpages, and Special:NewImages?
  4. Has this user overall followed the rest of the duties of a patroller outlined on the project page?

Please be objective when voting, but remember to be respectful while doing so. Your vote should be based off the points above; how valuable each user is as a patroller specifically. Check each user's contributions for an idea of what they have been doing.

A {{Support}} vote means you support them staying in their position, a {{Neutral}} vote means you are neutral, and an {{Oppose}} vote means you support them being removed from their position. Please provide adequate reasoning for each vote, otherwise your vote will be discounted.

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