(Chairmanprescott6179 is not yet eligible for any sort of promotion due to a plagiarism incident not long ago.)
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Chairmanprescott has showed consistent edits and superior skills, and was even MOTM. I think it's high time that he's made yellow.
{{Support}} As nominator. {{signature/Ned1230}}00:55, February 28, 2014 (UTC)
{{Oppose}} I haven't seen very many productive edits by Scott outside of on the [[Dwemer]] page. A Patroller is supposed all over the Mainspace articles looking for Vandalism and helping improve the pages. Scott, is currently not doing enough for the job. [[User:Zippertrain85|Zippertrain85]] <sup>([[User talk:Zippertrain85|talk]])</sup> 01:01, February 28, 2014 (UTC)
{{Oppose}} He does not have consistent edits and has yet to contribute to the many pages this wiki has, the patroller title cannot be given this easily, Ned. [[User:M.Owen LFC!| ℳ.Ѻẘεᾔ.ℒℱC ]] [[User talk:M.Owen LFC!|<sup> Say Hi! </sup>]] [[Special:Contributions/M.Owen LFC!|stalk]] [[Special:Editcount/M.Owen LFC!|<sup>edits</sup>]] 09:50, February 28, 2014 (UTC)

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Patrollers are users granted the the rollback tool to keep the wiki free of any vandalism. With a single click, they can revert edits. Patrollers must be nominated into their positions by an active patroller or admin. Only bureaucrats are able to grant their rollback rights.

Duties and privileges

  • Watching the recent changes and checking edits for vandalism. Always paste {{revert}} on the talk page of a user whose edits have been rollbacked; even IP addresses should be notified.
  • Reporting vandalism to the notice board or notifying an admin on the IRC or on their talk page. In the event that an admin is unable to block a vandal, place {{warning}} on the vandal's talk page. This may discourage further vandalism.
  • Patrollers are encouraged to add high traffic articles, good articles, and featured articles to their watchlist to help prevent vandalism.
  • Patrollers have the ability to move pages in the [[File:]] namespace. Images should be given names appropriate to their composition and should not contain an overabundance of numerical characters. File:2334234739784.png is discouraged while, File:Stormcloak Encampment.png is more meaningful and easier to locate.
  • Scout Special:NewPages for recently made articles that may not meet our style and formatting guidelines. Articles found here can be marked as patrolled, by scrolling to the bottom of the article and clicking [Mark this page as patrolled]. This link only appears if the page is opened through Special:NewPages. Before marking a page as patrolled, ensure it contains an infobox, wikilinks, and appropriate categories. Flag the page as a {{stub}} or as needing {{attention}} wherever applicable.
  • Maintain an overall mature and friendly demeanor when interacting with other editors.
  • Practice diplomacy when users make mistakes.
  • Pointing new users to policies and guidelines when necessary.

Maintaining the rollback tool

  • Patrollers who have not edited in exactly 30 days are considered inactive, and will no longer be displayed on our staff list unless they can prove they have made a steady return.
  • Patrollers who have gone "rogue" and turned into obvious vandals will have their rollback tool removed automatically. They can petition to have it returned on the consensus track form.
  • Patrollers will not lose their rollback tool if marked as inactive, although the "yellow" coloration of their name and their "custodial" tools of page patrolling and file renaming are indefinitely revoked. To request that a user be relieved of their rollback tool due to abuse, please petition on the consensus track form. Format the request similar to the rollback nomination layout.

List of patrollers

Active patrollers

Semi-active patrollers

Inactive and semi-active patrollers


  • Be nominated by an active patroller or admin; self-nominations are prohibited.
  • Possess a minimum of 500 mainspace edits
  • Demonstrate superior editing skills in compliance with the current policies and style guidelines.
  • Practice diplomacy when users make mistakes.
  • Direct new and unaware users to policy and help pages.
  • Serve as a mentor and community role model.
  • Maintain an active presence on the wiki.


Nomination archive

How to vote/example

EbonySkyrimTalkContribsEdit count

I nominate EbonySkyrim for the title of patroller. She has been with us awhile and she has been a help and pleasure the whole time. I have no doubt that she can handle this.

Voting-support.svg SupportElchzard (talk) 21:23, April 2, 2012 (UTC)

The standard wiki-text formating for a vote is:

{{VoteTemplate}} (rationalization for vote) ~~~~


Insert one of the four templates below to cast a vote.


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