This page is a collection of pages that need to be created or updated now that The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is out. Please use it like a checklist of stuff to be added, and add underneath the progress of them.

Skyrim Projects[edit source]

The following is a list of things that need to be done with regards to Skyrim Pages:

  1. Formatting - Standardize the pages so that they all have a similar layout (see Deyvid's page for more information as to what they should look like
  2. Images - get Images on Skyrim pages. (High Quality screenshots that WE have made, where possible.
  3. Linkages - The pages need to link to one another a lot more. Many Skyrim pages are showing up on the Orphaned Pages list, when they should not do so
  4. Categories: Categories need to be cleaned up.

Skyrim Task List[edit source]

An specific list of things that need to be done with regards to Skyrim and this wiki: (Cross out when completed)

  1. Skyrim Main Quests
  2. Skyrim Thieves Guild Quests
  3. Skyrim Civil War Quests
  4. The Companions Quests
  5. College of Winterhold Quests
  6. Put a content by letter filter on Category:Skyrim: Books
  7. Add ^^ this ^^ to Skyrim: Locations and Skyrim: Characters
  8. Add Template:SkyrimCharacters onto every character from skyrim (see Category:Skyrim: Characters for the list of characters
  9. Locations: (Category:Skyrim: Locations): Add Template:SkyrimLocations as a preference to this category (this category allows the option of hiding non-relevant sections, such as characters or creatures, which may not be relevant to specific locations
  10. Add and create sub-locations. For example: Brina's House in Dawnstar.
    • Add this list on the main page (e.g. Dawnstar lists the sublocations in its own heading (Dawnstar (Skyrim)#Points of Interest)
    • Add "Related quests" section to each of these sub-locations where applicable (see below)
  11. Add content for the Skyrim books currently missing content
  12. Add the books that have not yet been added.
  13. Authors page: add the Authors from the various books and notes throughout Skyrim to this list, so that it is once more complete
  14. (Work out how to add the alphabetized list to this page, instead of the TOC one)
  15. Timeline -> Update this to include events chronicled in the books and notes in Skyrim (Include these books as references)
  16. Add categories to Skyrim-related pages that do not have categories (see Special:UncategorizedPages for pages without any categories, but some have an incomplete number of categories.
  17. Related quests: Add this to the relevant sub-locations
    • E.g. The Heist Job is randomized (Radiant Quest), and contains a number of different quest options (example: Steal x-characters Copper and Onyx Circlet
    • Add as follows: The Numbers Job (Radiant Quest Option)
  18. Characters: Related quests (see above point)
    • Radiant Contract Killings should be included as well (noted in the same manner), but with a link to a page that lists all similar contract killings.
  19. Add pages for any characters that are not yet added (list the location that they can be found, too)
  20. Items: such as Copper and Onyx Circlet. Add "Radiant Quest Option" to those. Only list SPECIFIC ones (see The Fishing Job for more information)
  21. Add pages for miscellaneous items
  22. Create a template for Miscellaneous Items
  23. Fix Quests pages (Category:Skyrim: Quests) -> Fix to they are formatted much better:
    • Summary (include quest givers, location, faction (if relevant), prerequisites, important characters, and locations. Also creatures involved (if relevant)
    • Quick Walkthrough (if extended quest)
    • Walkthrough
    • Rewards
  24. Foods: Updated the list of foods here. Have a section that lists their value, item ID, etc.
  25. Armor and Weapons:
    • List vendors that these can be bought from example (for example Adrianne Avenicci)
      • Some vendors do not sell the complete list of items.
    • List unique versions somewhere on the weapons/armor pages where applicable.
  26. Fix Weapons and Armor templates so that enchantments can be specifically listed, but other otherwise hidden (use coding from Template:SkyrimLocations)
  27. Merchants - standardize and complete this list
    • On individual pages, i.e. Adrianne Avenicci, list the merchandise that can be bought from her.
    • Where known, list levels that items appear from. (i.e. levels 10 onwards, levels 10-30, etc)
    • List types of weapons that can be SOLD, too (example mentioned only accepts Weapons, Armor, and Crafting items, due to being a Blacksmith)
    • Items that can be sold to after Speech perks (i.e. EVERY item, should NOT be included)
    • List unique weapons armor bought from vendors too, where relevant (and mark as such) - same with how they were done in Oblivion's pages.
  28. Spells: Have a complete list of the spells that appear in the game
    • Spells (Skyrim) maybe? (link to proper page if one already exists)
    • Create sub-lists for varying magicka trees: Restoration spells, Destruction spells, etc.
    • Add Category:Skyrim: Spells and the school of magicka (i.e. Category:Skyrim: Restoration for each of the spell pages)
    • List vendors that sell these spells (if one exists) - most of these will probably be found at the College of Winterhold
    • (Maybe?) list perks that affect them, but don't go into great detail about it (i.e. "dual wield destruction", "flame augmentation", etc).
    • List other ways of obtaining this if this is how the spell is obtained (Master Spells are of this type?)
  29. Radiant Quests: make a complete list of these
    • These are more than just the Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood ones.
    • On Radiant Quest giver's page, list the quest (under "Related quests" heading), but put in brackets afterwards "Radiant Quest Option Only") (Community note: happy to change the wording of this, as long as we make this consistent ~Tim)
  30. Dark Brotherhood Side Contracts (as listed in the Skyrim Game Guide)
    • Undertaken before main Dark Brotherhood quests are unlocked
      1. Part One: Narfi, Ennodius Papius, Beitild
      2. Part Two: Hern, Lurbuk
      3. Part Three: Deekus, Ma'randru-jo, Anoriath
      4. Part Four: Agnis
      5. Part Five: Maluril, Helvard
      6. Part Six: Safia
      7. Several Radiant quests (such as "Cicero's Return")
      8. The Dark Brotherhood Forever (random person, random location) - list of options:
        1. Contact (one giving the quest)
          1. A nervous patron at Candlehearth Hall (Windhelm)
          2. outlaw at Bee and Barb
          3. corrupt agent of Penitus Oculatus Outpost (Dragon Bridge)
          4. desperate gambler at barracks in Windhelm
          5. blasphemous priest at Temple of Kynareth (Whiterun)
          6. indolent farmer at Windpeak Inn (Dawnstar)
          7. unemployed laborer at Frostfruit Inn (Rorikstead)
          8. grief-stricken chef at Windpeak Inn (Dawnstar)
        2. Targets
          1. Visiting noble at Dragonsreach (Whiterun)
          2. Big laborer at Katla's Farm
          3. Itinerant lumberjack in Morthal, at the logging camp
          4. Reckless mage at The Frozen Hearth in Winterhold
          5. seasoned hunter (just ouside Falkreath)
          6. poor fishwise, on the Riften Docks
          7. grim shieldmaiden walking the streets of Markarth
          8. coldhearted gravedigger, Hall of the Dead in Windhelm
          9. beautiful barbarian (Ivarstead)
  31. Shadowmarks: list the varying shadowmarks
  32. List of characters that can receive Letter of Inheritance from ?
  33. Effects:
    • List of effects in Skyrim?
      • Include Alchemical Effects
      • Include Enchanting Effects
      • Include Spell Effects (Which is not a category. Should it be?)
      • Other effects: Blessings, etc.
  34. Disambigs: Daedric Shrines, Skills in other games, etc.
    • Look for pages that should be split, and add {{Split}} to them. Better yet, move the page, and split the content yourself, if you know now to do so.
    • Create a {{Disambig}} (disambiguation) page for pages that can be easily confused, or appear in more than one game. An example is Windhelm, which is both a city (Windhelm (City), and a Hold (Windhelm (Hold). Other examples include factions and characters that exist in more than one game, such as: Thieves Guild (Skyrim) and Thieves Guild (Oblivion).

Skyrim Items[edit source]

Weapons (Skyrim)[edit source]

  1. Standard Two-Handed Weapons
  2. Standard Bows
  3. Arrows
  4. Enemy and/or Faction-Specific Weapons (i.e. Ancient Nord Battle axe)
  5. Staffs/Staves (Do not count as weapons since you cannot attack with them, only cast their spells)
  6. Unique Weapons (Dungeons), Unique Weapons (Quest Rewards), Unique Weapons (Quest Items) (all in Unique Weapons (Skyrim))

Armor (Skyrim)[edit source]

  1. Standard Heavy Armor Sets
  2. Standard Light Armor Sets
  3. Standard Armor Pieces
  4. Soldier and Guard Armor
  5. Enemy/Faction-Specific Armor (i.e. Ancient Nord Armor, Falmer Boots, etc)
  6. Standard Robes and Hoods
  7. Jewelry - Circlets
  8. Jewelry - Rings
  9. Jewelry - Necklaces/Amulets
  10. Jewelry - Divines Amulets
  11. Unique Armor (Dungeon Rewards)
  12. Unique Armor - Dragon Priest Masks
    1. Dragon Priest Masks
  13. Unique Armor (Quest Rewards)
  14. Unique Armor (Quest Items)
  15. Clothes - Standard Outfits
  16. Quest/Unique Outfits

Enchanting (Skyrim)[edit source]

  • List of Weapon's Base Enchantments
  • List of Armor's Base Enchantments available (and to which type)
  • Derived Enchantments
    • e.g. "of Absorption" - Absorb Health - ench. level 2, magnitude 5.
    • Standard Weapon Enchantments
    • Standard Armor Enchantments
    • Magician Robe Enchantments
    • College of Winterhold Robe Enchantments
  • Crafting: Enhancements
  • Soul Gems (List)

Books (Skyrim)[edit source]

  • Must make note of which books and notes begin quests
  • Need to make sure that this page agrees with everything in this category: Category:Skyrim: Books
  • Add new template to all books?
  • Spell Tomes
    • Table: Name, Weight, Value, Teaches Spell

Miscellaneous[edit source]

General Pages List[edit source]

  1. Many of these pages are just the over-arching page. Many need expansion on the pages further in, for instance, the Quests pages
  2. See Skyrim Pages Section below for a list of pages and categories.

New Pages[edit source]

New pages from Skyrim should contain the following:

  1. Categories. New pages should have a category about what it is. For instance, Location pages should have Category:Skyrim: Locations on them. These can be found on the right hand side of the editing window.
  2. Existing templates. Templates should be used where possible. For instance, to add a new Skyrim character, use Template:SkyrimCharacters. This helps standardize our pages.
  3. Links to other relevant pages. For instance, if the character is from Riverwood, having information that says that they can be located in Riverwood is more useful to readers of that page than a non-linked page.

Skyrim Pages[edit source]

Good Example Pages[edit source]

Minor Issues[edit source]

List of Pages[edit source]

Please add more pages here

  1. Marriage (Skyrim)
  2. Lycanthropy (Skyrim)
  3. Vampire (Skyrim)
  4. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
  5. Skyrim (region)
  6. Dragons (Skyrim)
  7. M'aiq the Liar (complete list of phrases - explanations needed, though)
  8. Fact List
  9. Skyrim Task List (this page)
  10. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
  11. Skyrim (highly outdated)
  12. Housecarl
  13. Thane

Skyrim: Armor[edit source]

List of Locations[edit source]

List of Characters[edit source]

List of Quests[edit source]

List of Creatures[edit source]

List of Items[edit source]

List of Factions[edit source]

List of Gameplay Pages[edit source]

List of Skyrim Categories[edit source]

Community Discussion Needed[edit source]

The Followers. Do we want the page as Follower (Skyrim), Companions, Skyrim Companions , or something different altogether? Personally, I'm somewhat against Skyrim Companions, as it is too similar to The Companions Faction. That's just my opinion though. TimeoinSay G'DayView my workSee current projects 02:10, November 12, 2011 (UTC)

Other Important Stuff[edit source]

(Administrative stuff, mainly, but if anyone wants to help with these, feel free :D)


  • Vandalism Checking
  • Image Categorization
  • Image Renaming: Rather than random numbers, make the names relevant and therefore searchable.

Templates[edit source]

Here is a list of templates to use in the pages:


  • Potions
  • Spells
  • Merchants
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