The Elder Scrolls Wiki staff members operate several off-site social media accounts in order to keep interest in the wiki high among the wider The Elder Scrolls community. They are officially the purview of the news team, although other staff are free to help run them as well. Additionally, there are various official or quasi-official TESWiki-related groups on other platforms meant to facilitate communication between editors and staff.

Social media[edit source]

Platform Name Operators
Discord The Elder Scrolls Wiki Staff[note 1]
Facebook The Elder Scrolls Wiki Atvelonis
Khaleesi Zhavorsa
News Team
Instagram Elder Scrolls Wiki Atvelonis
News Team
IRC[note 2] TESWiki Atvelonis
Emperor Jarjarkine
The Rim of the Sky
Twitter TES Wikia Atvelonis
News Team
Slack TESWiki Atvelonis
Steam TESWiki Atvelonis

Notes[edit source]

  1. Only administrators and chat moderators are specifically required to monitor the Discord server. However, patrollers, forum moderators, and the news team still have moderator tools on it. Although Wikia Staff is a hoisted role, they have no mod tools on the server itself.
  2. The IRC channel is rarely used today, but is still technically an official means of communication on the wiki.
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