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The items template should only be used if no other suitable templates are available.



Template usage

Each item article deserve its own template. If an item piece appears in multiple games, do not include multiple infoboxes on one article. This looks messy. Instead, create a disambiguation page. The infobox of items belongs at the very top of the page. It allows editors to add information such as images, value, weight, enchantments, Item ID codes and more.

Adding an infobox to an article is as easy as adding the script from the templates documentation. Here is an example of how an infobox should be coded when added to an article in source mode.

|image             = 
|weight            = 
|value             = 
|additionaleffects = 
|type              = 
|id                = 

This is for an Oblivion item. If some of the "parameters" or lines are left blank, they may not appear in the published version of the article. However, they will still appear when another editor clicks "Scribe" to change the page. This is helpful for hiding messy coding, but leaving the option of expansion open to new authors. If you are unsure of which infobox is appropriate or one needs to be created for the article you're working on, add {{Infobox needed}} to the top of the page. This adds the page to a list of other pages needing infoboxes.

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