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Each spell in each The Elder Scrolls game deserves its own article, detailing its effects, its magnitude, duration, school, and where it can be purchased. Spells cast by NPCs, enemies, and the player each deserve note. Spell effects that can only be accessed through the console also deserve note, but are of less importance. At times, it may be necessary to combine a spell article with articles that discuss effects wrought by potions, their ingredients, staves, scrolls, and enchantments also containing this effect.

Exemplary spell articles



Each game has its own infobox specially for characters. Infoboxes are color coded based on the game in which they appear. Oblivion is darkslategrey, Skyrim is blue, etc. These include:


Each spell article needs a navigation template. These templates are divided by school. Navigation templates are always placed at the bottom of an article and help readers find other spells and topics related to the spell they're reading out. These are as follows:





New infoboxes coming soon!

If a spells appears across multiple games, do not discuss both appearances on the same page. Instead, set up a disambiguation page. Each game page should use its own infobox.


Appropriate headers for spells articles.


'''{{subst:PAGENAME}}''' a short lead summarizing this spell, including its school, base cost, and other basic, notable facts. Spoilers should generally be avoided in this introductory paragraph or "lead."

(optional) Lists all the spells under this overarching effect. See Charm for examples on how to format this. Collapsible wikitables should be used here, and list the specific durations, magnitudes, etc.

==Spell tome==
(''Skyrim'' and ''Oblivion'' DLC-exclusive) Under this header, list the specific attributes and locations of the spell tome whose article the spell is about. Place the information under two separate headers: ===Attributes=== and ===Locations===. Most spell tome locations are randomized loot, so the specific merchants selling this spell tome will make up the bulk of the list.

<!-- Below are optional. Omit if unneeded-->

USE THIS SECTION WITH EXTREME CAUTION. Please read our policy on [[TES:NPOV|Neutral point of view]] before using this, or it may be deleted on sight.

*[[Link to the quest name like this]]
*[[Try to list the quests in chronological order]]
*[[If this does not apply, then arrange them alphabetically or by length of the quest name.]]
*[[This should be used for quests the spell plays an active role in. Such as Bravil Recommendation using Charm or Cheydinhal Recommendation using Water Breathing.]]

*Use this section sparingly. Only important or interesting trivia should be added. If you are concerned about whether your trivia is welcome on the page, talk about it on the article's talk page or consult a staff member on the wiki.
*Almost all trivia points need to be sourced.
*Do not include workarounds for killing this character here.
*Note that "Notes" is not an acceptable replacement header for this. Nor should "Notes" EVER be used on ANY articles anywhere on the wiki. This is lazy and clutters up the page. Instead, consider adding the information under a new header.

*Use this section sparingly.
*{{PC}} Always remember to include the template for the platform on which the bug appears.
**If the bug is fixed, include the [[Patches (Oblivion)|Patch 1.1]] number and say the bug was fixed, using two bullet points, directly under the fixed bug.
**If a solution has been discovered, list it using the same format as described in the previous bullet point.
<!-- Above are optional. Omit if unneeded-->




For Skyrim spell articles, a 3D render should be created and added to the infobox. For Oblivion and Morrowind an in-game icon, such as File:Charm illusion.png suffices. For Skyrim and the Oblivion Spell Tome DLC, an image of the tome should be included and added a thumbnail under the "Spell tome" heading (see headers). A gallery may be included for things such as Bound Weapons to illustrate how the weapon looks. A gallery may also be used to include third person screenshots of the spell being cast. Typing TFC into the console helps with capturing a frontal view of the spell being cast.


The basic categories for character articles are always added into the infobox and navigation templates, so they do not need to be added again. Further categories should be added for "effects," "school," "scrolls," or "staves," only if they apply.

[[Category:Morrowind: Spells]]
[[Category:Morrowind: Alteration]]
[[Category:Morrowind: Alchemy Effects]]
[[Category:Morrowind: Scrolls]]
[[Category:Morrowind: Staves]]

The general, over-arching category should be added, as well as the game-specific one.

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