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Report all acts of vandalism in progress here. The purpose of this page is to provide a reporting function for TESWikians who notice acts of ongoing or repeated vandalism. All instances of vandalism, trolling, abuse, harassment, or inter-user conflicts should be reported for administrative consideration. Blocks or warnings will be issued and any vandalism will be undone as soon as possible.

For those familiar with Wikipedia, this page serves the same purpose as the AIV page.


To add a vandal to this list, edit the "Reports" section and replace "Example" with the name or IP address of the vandal in question. To specify the page being vandalized, add an additional pipe after the vandal's name.

For example: {{CVU|<Username>|<page=Pagename>|<reason=Optional reason>}}. If the reported user is violating the username policy with an inappropriate name, abusing multiple accounts to circumvent an active ban or sockpuppetry, or if the user is harassing or bullying other users, replace the "Pagename" with a link to their userpage. Reason is only required if the "page" parameter is not used. For example:

  • {{CVU|Deyvid Petteys|page=Ulfric Stormcloak}}
  • {{CVU||page=Category:Skyrim: Books}}
  • {{CVU|Atvelonis|reason=being a meanie}}

You must include namespace in the "Pagename" parameter, but the "User:" namespace is automatically added to the "Username" field.


Please be sure to have read the usage section before reporting.

Block reasons and length

Before blocking an editor, consult the block policy to confirm the offense warrants a block and verify the block length. First-time offenders typically receive a light ban of about 3 days. If vandalism is excessive and spans multiple edits, ask a patroller to rollback the edits.

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