Excuse me if this is not the best way to comment on a page, but I just started an account because I found the administrator article in dire need of help. I can't edit it so I'll just try to direct you from here (sorry but this isn't going to be in top to bottom order, rather it will be from most-least important.).

1: Prerequisites should come before the nominations section, or at least before the 'nominate a user' portion. Because a person should know what is required to be an admin before they say who they believe should be one.

2: On the topic of prerequisites, that section is awful.

First of all, the second prerequisite makes the first redundant, but scrap the two and move them to nominations as they aren't really prerequisites, just an explanation of part of the process to becoming admin.

I'm going to nest the problem with the nominations section in here. Having a box where you can nominate a user is useless. One of the old prerequisites says: "Must be nominated by an active admin". So, I might be wrong, but isn't it a little easier for one admin to just tell the others that they think [user] should be an admin? So your choice is this; leave the prereq as is and remove the box allowing for nominations completely (as well as the nomination/request example, as users cannot nominate themselves.), or change the prereq to 'Must be endorsed by an admin' and leave the 'nominate a user' box as is. In any case, I think that it would be wise to change the Nomination/Request example to one that's a little less messy, if you decide to change the prereq to must be endorsed by an admin I can write a new one for you, just choose who you want me to 'have nominated'.

Back to the prerequisites section. So, in the case here I would advise fleshing these out a little, it seems a little bit bare. So, here's what they should look like after fixing the more glaring errors:


Minimum of 1,000 Main space edits (excludes forums, blogs, talk pages and user pages)

Knowledge of the Elder Scrolls series

Knowledge of editing, templates, categorization etc. (I don't really know what you wanted to do here, i.e. is used before explaining something you just said, etcetera seems like what you were going for, but that doesn't make a ton of sense either. I'll work out a better way to say it below.)

Service as a community role model

Assistance to new editors by answering queries or performing tasks

    What I think you should go with is:


To earn the endorsement of an admin, a user must;

a) have a minimum of 1,000 Mainspace edits. This does not include: forums, blog, talk or user pages.

b) The user must have a thorough knowledge of the Elder Scrolls series. (Optional part) Alternatively, this requirement can be fulfilled by having an astounding knowledge (above any other user on the wiki) on a major aspect or section of the series.

c) The user must be familiar with all the functional aspects of a wiki, e.g. editing, creating templates, organizing, and categorizing pages.

d) The user must serve as a role model to the other users on the wiki, being alert to any profanity and insuring that the chat and talk pages remain a friendly environment for those wishing to discuss The Elder Scrolls.

e) (option 1:Finally, the) (option 2: The) user must lend a guiding hand to those users who are only just beginning to edit pages, this means answering any questions they have, helping them make edits at times, informing them when they have made a mistake, and showing them the right way to do something when they do it incorrectly.

f) (This one is questionable and it's up to you whether or not to include it. If you do, go with option 2 above.) Finally, if the user is is lacking in one of the above sections, an exception can be made for a user who has shown any traits, abilities, or actions that prove him fit for the position.

Now, I know this is a lot to handle, and you probably want to do things one at a time so that you don't get too overwhelmed, at this point you may want to go get a drink or a snack and come back before you start the next section. Or just keep going.

Okay, so the Duties section is messed up pretty bad. You should probably make it better seeing as all that's in there right now is a list of pages that the admin should watch over. I mean lets be real, are you all fat cats who spend their time on the wiki just watching those four types of pages? Or do you patrol the entire wiki? Your best choice would be to come up with a few different things that only admins can do (base it off of the tools section (which we'll get to later on) above the list of admins.), and add those to the more 'dutiful' parts of the list of prerequisites (reworded of course).

Actually, scrap that, just get rid of the duties part altogether. It doesn't really mesh well and the section on admins up top is good enough to  suffice for the duties.

Um the staff section is confusing, I don't really know what you are trying to say, I think the hyperlink up top should be good enough to link back to the different types of staff members if that's all you're trying to accomplish.

Tools oh tools. Tools and functions are different. You know what, just change the name of that section to Duties. It makes more sense. I trust that whoever does these edits can switch the last two to present tense (to match the first four). 

The top part is great, no changes are necessary.

last but not least (and this is a small one), make open nominations a sub category of nominations and figure out where the missing past nominations are. Maybe even rearrange the things in nominations to make it look better if you're feeling up to it, but it's not necessary.

  I hope you take my suggestions seriously, I figure admins would prefer the page about them to look nice and be free of errors.

Bunniesgohop (talk) 23:34, January 5, 2014 (UTC)

Just a minor thing, but considering that we have two female admins (That I know of) near the bottom where it says Finally, if the user is lacking in one of the above sections, an exception can be made for a user who has shown any traits, abilities, or actions that prove him fit for the position. The him should be changed to them.
Additionally a possible update to this page might be in order as well, as it would seem the 1k mainspace edits really doesn't seem to apply anymore. Beyond those things I think it looks good. Ȼǿᵰᵮẽᵲ ₲ħǿśᵵ Ⱥᵰᵾᵬĭᵴ Đẽẽᵭᵴ 05:46, August 4, 2014 (UTC)